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Cool finds at the nursery

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Just thought I would share, at my local nursery I scored a psycho0, yowie x PC and a SAB#2 X Fields.


There were about 30, trichocereus pachanoi/bridgesii and possibly peruvianus. Just at my local mainstream nursery 


I had a chat with one of the staff and he said they were grown from seed by a local guy. For 10 bucks each, about 17cm tall. 


I cant seem to upload a photo but will try again. 


Probs a bit boring by y'all standards but it was cool to see at a regular public nursery and exciting to start rebuilding my collection. Never had any of these variations before! 


Also, thanks for having me, hope to be here fairly regularly,  very keen to learn and make connections. I love trichocereus,  lophs, anything rare and or medicinal etc. 



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