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Ornamental Corydalis?

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Wondering if anyone has ever stumbled across literature on the phytochemistry, toxicology or any use of the Corydalis that seem to be widely available and widespread in Australia? The ones I mainly see are hybrids like C. flexuosa x elata

I'm growing it simply as it's attractive with it's blue flowers and as a shade-loving plant but curious if it is otherwise useful?


Despite not finding any analysis for flexulosa or elata (other than the anthocyanins in the flower) there is one mention "Those species which grow in China, including C. flexuosa, have been included in the Chinese herbal pharmacological choices for pain relief." [1]


One thread here states the types commonly used in Chinese Medicine are: Corydalis yanhusuo, C. turtschaninovii, C. ambigua, C. repens.


The most extensive alkaloid breakdown of Corydalis species I can find is unfortunately in a different language and doesn't seem to list any details for flexuosa etc


Tetrahydropalmatine for example has been isolated from: 

C. cava
C. decumbens
C. intermediata
C. ochroleuca
C. saxicola 
C. sempervirens
C. solida
C. yanhusuo
C. ambigua
C. caseana
C. tashiroi
C. lutea
C. pallida
C. solida
C. tashiroi 

It seems to list some therapeutic Corydalis as:

Corydalis ambigua Cham. & Schlatdl 
Corydalis bulbosa Pers. 
Corydalis decumbens (Thumb.) Pers. 
Corydalis chaerophylla DC. 
Corydalis incisa Pers. 
Corydalis koidzumiana Ohwi 
Corydalis longipes DC. 
Corydalis meifolia Wall. 
Corydalis pseudoadunca Popov 
Corydalis ramos Wall. 
Corydalis saxicola Bunting 
Corydalis speciosa Maxim. 
Corydalis turtschaninovii Besser



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