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Wanted: Stapelia & Huernia cuttings of all kinds

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Hey folks, looking to buy or trade for Stapelia & Huernia cuttings of all types & species.. 


hoping for multi branch cuttings but will take pretty much any size available.. 


if anyone is growing many different species/varieties & is able to send a bunch in one package that would be ideal but again I’m happy either way..


i’m happy to pay cash or figure out a trade if I have anything of interest.. if anyone can help out I would appreciate it immensely! :wub:

As I’m interested in all types but here’s a list of the doe yes I know I’d like to get ahold of:


Stapelia gigantea 

S. Grandiflora

S. Flavopurpurea

S. Variegata

S. Pulchella

S. Zebrina 

S. Leendertziae

S. Ambigua 

S. Schinzii

S. lepida

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Hey I have some gigantia I can send you. Have another too but not sure what it is, waiting for the flower to open. 

I'd be interested in other stapelia if you have any

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