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Cacti Cuttings for Sale *and a couple of gourd drink bottles*

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Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR 



I have a few rooted cuttings.


$5 per fully formed knob for the monstrose Echinopsis Bridgesii, making most of them $10 - 15

$20 Each for the Scopulicolis, 34cm and 35cm tall

$10 for the Pachanoi Cuttings between 10cm - 15cm tall


Happy to accept haggling/trades on larger purchase for sure :)


I also have these gourd bottles which I have made myself. They are made from Large Birdhouse Gourds, currently these are the only two I have available I thought if anyone was interested it might be here! They are sealed on the interior with pure beeswax and any I sell will come with a little extra wax for any potential repairs that might need to be done in the event of a crack or something. If anyone wants some more info on these please let me know! (I have some gourds that still need to be made into bottles so if these designs aren't really your style and you'd like something, maybe one without a cup and a cork instead, we can talk about getting it done, they take a while to grow and dry so earlier the better)


The smaller one on the left is $50 and the one on the right comes with the extra cups (all waxed) and is $80




PM for more info! Thanks for taking the time!



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