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Brf/verm spawn bag compression

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Howdy peeps! 

I got some button mushroom myc growing in 3 brf/verm spawn bags that were inoculated almost 3 weeks ago. I bought them pre sterilised and assume they are designed for fruiting in the bag however Im going to try a monotub if they work out.


2 days ago one was around 30% and the other 2 a little less. I broke apart the bits of mycelium and mixed them all up again hoping that would get them going a lot faster. Here I believe I made the mistake of compressing the brf and verm down so it was like how I got it, almost a brick.


Could this compression in the first place be why it's already taken a little while to get to 30%? After 2 days I can't see any fresh mycelium growth however there is a lot of condensation and the bags are much warmer than usual.


So if I've messed up by compressing them too much, would it be safe to knead the bags to a more fluffy composition? Maybe not yet but in a few days to allow initial recovery?


Appreciate any help :)

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I'm presuming it's a domesticated  agaricus sp (bisporus?) . If so they are a shroom with a fairly demanding "diet" as a secondary decomposer (different than most edible fungi as primary decomposers which can breakdown cellulose and lignin etc). 


Typically compost from herbivore crap as a substrate that has had other organisms break it down initially("mushroom compost" that gets sold is spent agaricus  substrate) .


In part this may explain the slow colonization as the substrate may be limiting. 


Disturbance would probably be best avoided unless trying to get onto another substrate. Agaricus are not the best at recovery and not really rapid to colonize compared to other species like oysters, reishi... Compaction defo not good for agaricus. 


Best grown out in tray/open tub with a casing layer placed when set up to fruit, due to high fresh air exchange required. Once colonized the casing sets the mycellium up for initiation and best conditions for fruiting. 


You maybe could of cased the top of the bag to fruit, but fruiting off the sides like oysters wouldn't be overly productive. However the substrate would still be lacking a bit. 


Best way I've found has been the basic old mushroom box kit. Colonized compost substrate, supplied with a casing layer. I've never scratch grown them, only primary decomposers like oysters, reishi, Shittake.... 


Give a bit more time I reckon and keep watch. You didn't mention temperature and such, so no idea if you are anywhere near the window for good to optimum growth. 


Dunno if you that helps, I wouldn't expect a booming crop off a substrate not compost though. 


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Was waiting to pick my boy up from school:wink:

I can crap on sometimes.... Lol... 





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