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The Ugly side of Culling

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First, let me salute the hybridizers who create the wonderful crosses that allow us all to cull. Without a doubt, my favorite hybridizer is Zelly himself. Without his efforts, we would have far less to cull and many less interesting prospects to work with.


Now, there are those of us who simply collect and there is nothing wrong with growing out a few specimens from each and every species or hybrid one comes across. In fact, I applaud those that do this. I too enjoy seeing multiple phenotypes come out of a single collection of wild seed.


Those that cull, simply take it one step further. We see whatever trait it is we often kill the rest. For me, the trait I most enjoy seeing is something a bit more intangible as the trait I most enjoy seeing is hardiness.


I subject my seedlings to hot humid conditions in the green house in full sunlight so they all remain purple until they eventually turn some shade of green. Able to withstand hot and humid conditions... check mark


I also subject my seedlings to light freezes their first year from seed. Those that live... cold conditions check mark.


The end result... those that are not culled from harsh environmental conditions get looked over for disease resistance. If I notice any disease prone specimens... they get culled. Another check mark.


And so on... the culling process goes, but in the end, I have only managed to cull and select what I consider to be the best out of my own small batches of seeds from a few great hybridizers at best. So, the real work begins with the hybridizer and the rest of us that grow, collect, or cull simply enjoy the work of the hybridizers who made our gardens possible. uglytruth56.thumb.jpg.9ce0a5a98197f3520fab0be3b801591b.jpguglytruth55.thumb.jpg.56fb1947c4f3320359e91f5cc0ca181c.jpg For me, I welcome cacti like these. Let the great culling begin!







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