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The Corroboree

Melbourne - Cactus Carnival

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If your around Melbourne Central (multiple locations
When: Friday 13 April (5pm – 9pm), Saturday 14 April (12pm – 6pm)


Check the details






Are you a succa for succulents? Crazy for cacti? Let your prickly side loose over two plantastic days of cactus-themed events, photo ops and pop-ups at our Cactus Carnival!

Cacti-fy your look – and your life – at our cactus-inspired market, get stuck into succulent treats from cactus-themed foodie pop-ups, and sip on a free tequila cocktail in a jar at our pop-up Tommy’s Margarita Bar by Melbourne Martini.

Party like you're in the Californian desert with DJs spinning Coachella-inspired tracks and snap Insta pics among (real!) cacti in our Cactus Country desert garden. PLUS enter our comp for your chance to win a VIP trip to Cactus Country with your besties.

It'd be a real prick to miss this! Join this event so you don't forget.

Fri 13 April, 5pm – 9pm
Sat 14 April, 12pm – 6pm

The Cactus Carnival will be spread throughout Melbourne Central. Stay tuned for our event brochure which will take you on a journey to find all the cacti you could ever dream of!


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might have to overcome my aversion to the city and venture into this. one  of the things i should be able to actually attend :)

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Nice! I probably won't go (my aversion to the city is incredibly strong,) but it looks like a bit of fun. I find promotion to be a funny thing these days-- the sites I just checked out all referenced taking selfies with the cactii, boozing on, eating cactus-themed/based food etc... My cynical side is wondering what the underlying commercial motivation is, given that it's sprawled across Melbourne Central :P

More boutique mexican restaurants charging $20 for tiny little tacos with stuff all in 'em?

Or maybe it'll be a bunch of saucer-eyed city-dwellers freaking the fuck out over the big class cone thing over the shot tower and having the awful realisation that they've voluntarily penned themselves into an urban nightmare; that their spirit (and Spirit,) is mourning the loss of their connection with nature... Hell, I'd pay to see that :D


Of note for me was reference to this joint called Cactus Country, which sounds more like my kinda thing. 10 acres of sprawling, spiny adventure awaits just outside o' Shepparton: http://cactuscountry.com.au/


EDIT: What exactly are 'Coachella-inspired tracks?' I'm aware that it's a festival, but what genre does 'Coachella-inspired' fall under? Sounds awful trendy :P

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im heading along.


i only wish it was south american themed rather than mexican

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