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Free Ayahuasca Science Course

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Hey Folks,


Have you checked out this cool ayahuasca science course yet?


It's especially interesting if you're into the neuroscience and psychology of ayahuasca.


ayahuasca science.png






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Maybe not a lot that more experienced and well-read members don't know already - but might be worth a look nonetheless. 

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Thanks so much for posting this, drugo.


I've just finished the course. It is short, about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, made up of two short videos (approx. 4-5 min each) and 3 text documents. Video 1 discusses Visions and covered research relating to the possible therapeutic effects for dealing with life, trauma, depression, addictions etc. Video 2 spoke of a small functional MRI study (10 participants with extensive Ayahuasca experience  who all received the brew, so "non-blind") observing the effects of Ayahuasca on different parts of the brain, especially the limbic system and visual cortex and the prospect it enables us to "see" our thoughts.


Most of the folk on here would already know what is presented, especially if you're familiar with the work done at The Brain Institute in Natal, Brazil.


What is impressive about this short course is what it says in easy to understand language. It's aimed at giving someone with little knowledge about Ayahuasca an excellent yet simple introduction to the science behind, and the incredible potential for the brew.


For me, the real value of this short course is the information can be utilized as a simple and effective introductory tool to help educate those who don't have any knowledge, like the general public  


Of course it also serves to entice those who register to view it to perhaps decide to enroll in paid courses in order to access more information. Given the subject and the total cost of all 11 Ayahuasca courses is presently at half price for $59.00 (I assume U.S. $$), this ain't a bad thing. The total time to view all 11 courses is approximately 2 hours and has a different presenter for each, so I assume each of the modules are in the same simple format. I could not view any of the info on each individual module as their site was taken down for routine maintenance while I was looking. I'll log back in later tonight and see if I can glean any more information, then post if there is anything more I can add.


   OK. As a footnote, the other modules consist of a series of video lectures which all seem to add up in excess of 2 hours, so my initial estimate to complete all 11 Kahpi courses was a tad off. You can buy each individual module for around US$15.00 or the whole set, and apparently a lifetime access to any further lectures, for US$59.00. It looks like excellent value.

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