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Worm Farm Mycelium spawn

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So I put some stalled grain spawn in my worm farm the other day surrounded by straw and other sterilized grains. I checked today to dump some more grains and failed cakes that hadnt grown anything at all, and i found that the myc was growing healthy onto the grains and had spread. Will update with pics soon. Anybody ever try this?

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Went out to check it today and a little mushroom was growing!


I look forward to this becoming a disgusting festering fungi box that can theoretically be spread all around my garden once its all established. I've decided I'll be throwing down pasteurised H-Poop and Straw erry where once this stuff is colonised and just turn my entire garden into a fungi kingdom. So anyone else ever try this or see anyone do something similar?

I saw a post on shroomery of a dude who buried all his old spent cakes etc around his garden with some degree of success, it a good way to stretch your dollar if your a budget cultivator (which I most certainly am). Let me know what you guys think? Maybe the spores will eventually fall into the worm urine catcher. Would spores survive in worm urine for long at all? its definitely not pure worm pee as sometimes there a a few unlucky worms who mange to fall in there and drown.





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Pretty sure I IDed it correctly as a Coprinoid mushroom. As I went to check today and found Liquified caps/spores etc. Oh well :) If anyone wants to see I will upload pics but until then my thread is dead :)

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