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Psychedelics in Art, Science and Healing Symposium - Wellington, NZ 2015

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In March 2015, Wellington will host the Psychedelics in Art, Science and Healing Symposium!!

This is the first of any such event I have heard of taking place in New Zealand, and I certainly hope it generates enough interest and support to become an ongoing thing.

A campaign has been established seeking support to fund the event - if you are not in a position to contribute financially, please help to spread the word!

Check this link for details on speakers, film screenings and ways you can contribute:


"The psychedelic community has not yet come together and joined arms in New Zealand. Although we have much to offer, we must raise the level of awareness, conversation and action around Psychedelics in the arts, in therapy, in science and in society generally. We hope to bring legitimacy and a sense of motion to the psychedelic community here by collecting everything we have and displaying it so everyone who wants to can find us.

Psychedelics in the arts: painting, digital art, tattoo, film, jewelry, music

Psychedelics in Therapy: PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, alcoholism

Psychedelics in Science: The 'hard problem' of consciousness - who are we? Where are we going?

New Zealand is quietly becoming a leader in Psychedelic Science: We are the only country where Ibogaine is a prescription Medicine, we've had a trial in Dunedin for Ketamine's efficacy in ameliorating end-of-life anxiety and currently we have an MDMA trial in Auckland treating Tinnitus of all things. As a nation we're industrious free-thinkers looking to cross the horizon. It's time to take up our mantle and speak freely about these potentially highly beneficial substances. We have a lot to offer and it's time to show it!"

:) :) :) can't wait!

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