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The Corroboree
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Can I get a positive ID for this, Mugwort I think. Could be mother wort


Is this Mugwort?Just popped up under cherry tree.

I can get more photo's if these ones aren't up to scratch. I really hope this is mugwort(and think it is)





I think its mugwort but wanted a genuises point of view.





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Looks like the A. vulgaris that grows around here, what I refer to as Mugwort at least.

Perhaps there is something that sets this apart as another species but I just had a look at my seed grown plant and can't see any noticeable difference.

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Yeah mate pretty sure it'd artemesia vulgaris. Just harvested bout a kj of it roughly. Hanged some up above my door and am drying out the rest. So excited hahaha :)

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