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The Corroboree

My adventures with adipotide

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I was on a ketogenic diet for 2 years. Mostly because I had no foods left that didn't make me sick other than meat, dairy and eggs. I did not lose any weight. My system is well suited to the ketogenic diet. My favourite diet is meat and green salad. but with a sensitivity to fibre that doesn't really work.

Anyway, this thread wasn't about losing weight via a diet. It was specifically about losing weight where a change in (an already healthy and balanced) diet and additional excercise is not an option. eg overweight people with arthritis, lupus, or other inflammatory diseases.

I've found it hard to get my head around starting this again. The last two weeks, I've opted for doing exercise ... and taking high dose prednisone to cope with the pain. Struggled a bit the last few days with typing because my wrists and fingers are so sore. I am not exercising them at all, but the inflammation from the exercise hits them the hardest.

A few people have contacted me about this thread, including one person with lupus and another with psoriatic arthritis. They know the fat loss won't make the condition better, but they also know that with their condition they have no hope of losing weight any other way. There should be some adipotide log info from them in the next few weeks hopefully.

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Thanks for the update, I'll keep looking.

Sorry to hear you are still suffering, hope things improve soon.

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