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The Corroboree

Wanted - Mimosa Hostilis

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Hey dudes, lookin for some Mimosa hostilis within Australia, preferably bark or established plants, but ill take seeds if thats all i can get my hands on :)

if anyone can help us out thatd be sweet, got a fair bit to trade


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Stewbert, you are of course aware that this grow into an almighty huge tree, and that in some cultures the root bark is used for ceremonial purposes ? Which means its a lot more work that just planting a few seeds and harvesting next spring.

You are also of course aware of the laws in Australia, and the rules of self-incrimination on this forum ? I hope you will be growing this tree overseas, and harvesting it in 10 years time off shore for the roots.

On a side note, hey do you know where I can buy a sheet of LSD ? Sorry, bad question for this forum. See my point

Search Search Search ! Plenty of information about how your request is not cool. Click Here

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