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Tabernaemontana orientalis seeds

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Shaman-australis has photos of the plants yet they don't offer the seeds.

Can anyone get these seeds/plants?

Shaman-australis lists information for Tabernaemontana divaricata, Tabernaemontana pandaquai and Tabernaemontana orientalis.

One company toptropicals.com (located in Florida,USA) seems to list T. pandaquai as the same species as T. orientalis. Is this true? They offer T orientalis/pandaquai plants.

Herbalistics sells T. pandaquai seeds but it isnt listed as T. orientalis.

What I am really looking for is T. orientalis, can anyone help me to get ahold of some seeds?

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Check this paper from Journal of Ethnopharmacology: "Tabernaemontana L. (Apocynaceae): A Review of Its Taxonomy, Phytochemistry, Ethnobotany and Pharmacology" by T.A. Van Beek et.al. (1983):


Here's the entry for T. orientalis (page #14):

Tabernaemontana orientalis R. Br. 1810:468

Synonym: Ervatamia orientalis, E.obtusiuscula, E.daemeliana, E.lifuana.

Further investigation will almost certainly show that T. orientalis has more synonyms, but much additional material will have to be studied..... T. orientalis is closely related to T.divaricata......

The paper lists pandacaqui as a distinct species than orientalis.

Also if you look at another page there which describes alkaloid content of each species, T. orientalis contains ibogaine while T. pandacaqui doesn't.

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