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  1. dogbane23

    Sprouting iboga !!! Still questions.

    Ok Torsten I gave this other seed like 4 days and it wasnt doing much so today i just decided to use a razor blade to help it get off. I was very careful and managed to get alot off of each side of the coat and some of it near the stem for one of the sides so it went from the stem to the one of the sides( if u understand what i mean) of the coat. It went from a green stem to the white coat, so obviously you could see it wasnt as tight and constricted as before. I didnt get the back off, then all of a sudden I kept trying to get more off of it and I used to much pressure when i was holding the coat and it bent over and i killed the plant. I was going to just let it be once I got the stem part and the two sides fairly well. Would that of been enough for it to get some light and do the rest on its own? Would it green up in a few days? Or does the whole seedcoat need to be off? I was hoping I could of left it as far as I got it and it would do the rest?
  2. dogbane23

    Sprouting iboga !!! Still questions.

    Torsten, Do dry cycles kill them or just after theyve germinated? I think they don't hurt, Because it took me like about a month with some Iboga seeds that were already dried when i received them. I got one seed in a months time to germ and I think i allowed it to dry out a few times. Of course don't let the whole medium dry that wouldnt be good. I am not so concerned about germinating them Torsten what I want to know is what to do once the seedcoat has emerged? Is it true if they are enclosed in a humidity dome environment then you don't have to do anything and the seedling will get rid of it in time? How long before it sheds it? Ive had the problem of using a scalping device and then once it was yellow inside which was good but i removed some of the cotyledons, and the other two times it was white which wasnt good and obviously not developed. In any case i gave them 3-4 days before I did this. Can I just wait a week or longer and will they shed the seedcoat themselves?
  3. dogbane23

    khat, pictures and advice

    Shroomy i can relate to you about what u said about botanical gardens. I myself think if they would offer to sell more of the plants they grow there then we wouldnt have to go in and help ourselves to cuttings. Some botanical gardens sell some plants but even at this one botanical garden i visited in northern Florida, they only sold some of them. They sold Piper auritum which is kind of cool. I mean but sometimes I think they should make cuttings/ seeds more available to us. It isnt good to steal but I think Botanical gardens should sell seeds and cuttings to people who want them. I know Fairchild has some Tabernaemontana orientalis plants and I would like to go there to get seeds but I guess id have to steal them since botanical gardens are like what shroomy mentioned. Sure us plant people like seeing plants, we also would like to go there and get a source for some plants/seeds. I think Botanical gardens need to change that. Im not going to a Botanical garden to get some Catharanthus roseus seeds which of course i can get in the summer time at a local nursery( falltime for southern USA gardeners) Id go to these places to see plants which arnt as common.
  4. dogbane23

    Looking for Tabernaemontana orientalis seeds

    So you must be in a colder part of Australia and also probably where it is desert like? From maps ive seen of OZ, only a small part is tropical rainforest, while alot of it is indeed desert. I guess Australia has a little of every biome. Its hard to imagine such a small continent which is also an island can have alot of continental climate effects as much as we do here in the USA which has Canada to the north which can sometimes influence our weather even in areas as far south as Texas.
  5. I have been looking for Tabernaemontana orientalis seeds for a long time now but am still unable to find any. This species of course isnt very common outside of Australia compared to other Tabernaemontanas such as T. divaricata which is a common ornamental/ fragrant garden plant cultivated in the USA. Darcy from Bushforums and I think who also runs Herbalistics has said she knows of a location where they can be found but it is too far for her to travel to. Torsten has pics of T. orientalis posted here on Shaman-Australis so Id assume he should have access to live plants/seeds if he took the pics? Why doesn't anyone offer this species? I know it contains interesting chemicals similar to Tabernanthe iboga.
  6. dogbane23

    hoodia gordonii?

    I have live plants i can trade for money.
  7. Shaman-australis has photos of the plants yet they don't offer the seeds. Can anyone get these seeds/plants? Shaman-australis lists information for Tabernaemontana divaricata, Tabernaemontana pandaquai and Tabernaemontana orientalis. One company toptropicals.com (located in Florida,USA) seems to list T. pandaquai as the same species as T. orientalis. Is this true? They offer T orientalis/pandaquai plants. Herbalistics sells T. pandaquai seeds but it isnt listed as T. orientalis. What I am really looking for is T. orientalis, can anyone help me to get ahold of some seeds?
  8. dogbane23

    Tabernanthe iboga

    I was wondering if anyone in here has any experience with seed propagation of this species? Ive heard they arnt exactly the easiest species to propagate via seed. You need coarse sand or spaghnum for germination( simply using potting soil won't work). Germination usually takes 4-6 weeks according to Ethnogardens website. Ive also heard older seeds( i assume seeds that have been allowed to dry out a week or more before being planted) are harder to germinate and they need help to get the seedcoats off. Ive heard you have to use a scalpel or some device, is that right? I heard letting them try to remove the seedcoat on their own can result in rot from it being on too long?
  9. dogbane23

    Taking Cuttings Of Narrow Leaf Khat

    I am wondering if you can try stem layerage on this species. I don't mean air layerage where they put spaghnum around the stem and then wrap plastic around it. What I mean is to lay a branch of the plant out on to another pot filled with soil and cover the stem with soil. I am pretty sure this might do the trick because many plants that are planted too deep or even stems just under the soil for many plants form roots on them. I have seen Salvia divinorum produce roots on the plants near the bottom of the soil. Catha if planted too deep will produce roots on parts of the stem where it normally wouldnt. note: Auxin is a chemical found in rooting hormones and also is naturally found in plants, but naturally it accumulates in darkness, which is why you need to bury the stem of cuttings in soil. All i can say is try stem layerage. If you don't know what I mean, look it up.
  10. dogbane23

    Hoodia gordonii

    Well anybody interested? I might have seeds in the future but just plants right now
  11. I am looking for the following Native Australian seeds: 1. Duboisia hopwoodii- (not D. myoporoides) 2. Tabernaemontana orientalis 3. Goodenia ovata I am willing to trade for some of my seeds /live plants that I have or i can send payment to whoever can get me any of these seeds. PM me if you can get any of these 3 seeds.
  12. dogbane23

    Hoodia gordonii

    I have live Hoodia gordonii plants and am willing to trade for other seeds or payment instead. Pm me if interested. I have many in stock right now. If you don't already know, Hoodia gordonii is used in South Africa by the San's Bushman tribe as an appetite suppressant to ward off hunger on long hunting trips. It has alot of potential as a diet aid. It contains some molecule which fools the mind into thinking one is full even if you arn't so it can be used in places like America where we don't know when to stop eating. It also is just a cool looking succulent plant and related to Stapelia spp.
  13. dogbane23

    Hoodia gordonii

    Well i guess i could just send you an international money order or something for the narrowleaf Catha edulis, but I don't think you could send me live plants since they are illegal in the USA. Of course Catha isnt as easily identifiable as some of the other drug plants are since it looks like any other foliage or house plant. So i guess u could still send it but couldnt label it as Catha edulis. Do you have seeds or just live plants? Do you know if Catha edulis can produce seed on older plants or is it only collectable from its native habitat in Africa? For some reason ive heard it doesnt produce seeds outside of its native habitat?
  14. dogbane23

    Hoodia gordonii

    I right now have alot of Hoodia gordonii live plants in stock, and will trade for Duboisia hopwoodii, Goodenia ovata, and maybe some other unusual plants. I am also looking for Salvia divinorum seeds. I already know they don't produce seeds very often but I can already get cuttings, so basically this isnt an offer to trade for cuttings. Narrowleaf strains of Catha edulis are also something i would like to trade for. Let me know if anyone is interested. If you dont have something i want i can always trade for money as well. I would just like to offer this plant to as many people as possible. I can send live plants or unrooted cuttings.