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Found 7 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Splitting monotub tek?

    Hey all! Haven't seen much on splitting a colonised but healthy monotub and mixing with fresh substrate... Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Cheers!
  2. Was browsing through ebay and found these... 6x Pre-Sterilized BRF Jars -$65 (FREE POSTAGE) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/332536472366?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 12x Pre-Sterilized BRF Jars - $110 (FREE POSTAGE) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/332536475182?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. Just thought I'd let you know: I have had a 100% sterile success rate with the peroxide agar kitchen tek, both with the cooked method ( no autoclaving ) and the autoclaved method. Methods and comparison below Dispensing and media transfer was done under absolutely not sterile conditions, in order to see if the tek could be replicated anywhere ( those of you who know my kitchen can stop laughing ). I was a tad sloppy with my transfer tek as well to see what would happen Reporting it here because sometimes the signal/noise ratio can be a little loud elsewhere Batch 1- autoclaved + 6ml/L 3% H2O2 Chinese sauce containers were autoclaved in a bag for 20 min 100ml liquid MEA autoclaved for 20 min, consisting of the following 20g/L light malt extract 0.1g/L garden lime 0.1g/L potassium phosphate dibasic 15g/L gelcarin ( 20g/L agar works just as well ) Media was not subject to a pH test Post autoclave the media was allowed to cool and just above setting point 6ml/L 3% H2O2 was added. Media was swirled heavily so that the inner surfaces of the bottle were fully coated Dispensed immediately into sauce containers *on the kitchen bench* in the open air Lids were placed lightly over the containers and 1hr later the plates were completely sealed after inoculation with various species Batch 2- cooked 1hr + 6ml/L 3% H2O2 Chinese sauce containers were autoclaved in a bag for 20 min 100ml liquid MEA cooked for 1hr by placing media container in an open saucepan. Media container lids were left loose. Water came up the the media level- bottles weren't more than 3/4 immersed. Cooked at a slow boil for 1hr 20g/L light malt extract 0.1g/L garden lime 0.1g/L potassium phosphate dibasic 15g/L gelcarin ( 20g/L agar works just as well ) Media was not subject to a pH test Post autoclave the media was allowed to cool and just above setting point 6ml/L 3% H2O2 was added. Media was swirled heavily so that the inner surfaces of the bottle were fully coated Dispensed immediately into sauce containers *on the kitchen bench* in the open air Lids were placed lightly over the containers and 1hr later the plates were completely sealed after inoculation with various species Sterile ( non-peroxide MEA ) library cultures were opened and haphazardly used ( left open for much of the inoculation process ) to inoculate the plates above using a scalpel blade which was only cleaned and flamed between species The following species were placed in the centre of the agar of each container Reishi ( Ganoderma lucida ) Blue Oyster ( Pleurotus spp ) Lion's mane ( Hericium erinaceus ) Elm Oyster ( Hypsizgus ulmanarius ) Plates were sealed with Austraseal and incubated in the dark at 22C 2 plates from the cooked group and 2 plates from the autoclaved group were left uninoculated as controls to check for contamination during dispensing By my judgement it was all a bit haphazard and I didn't believe it would work. Even a contam rate of 10% per batch would have been acceptable At +1 week there is no contamination, anywhere, and growth is good for the Reishi and Elm Oyster. Still waiting on the Blue Oyster and Lion's Mane, but plenty of time yet- those parent cultures could have been a little old- I have storage/ library cultures and can reinoculate from them easily at +3 weeks If you are thinking about the peroxide tek for agar- give it a go. I've only made it sound complex cos I wanted to write it all up so you know I took all the steps. I now pronounce this part of the tek piss easy Edited very fast, because I am an idiot and forgot to put the decimal point in
  4. ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ

    Can we please have a new section to the forum for just Teks please?

    Hello Can we have a new main section forum for just growing/propagation teks ? like for example , split into 3 categories... - one fungi , one plant and one misc' in those categories they can split off into branches like cacti/leafys etc ... and then the actual threads explaining, with pictorial, some ... teks e.g. sterile cactus seed tek bio cactus seed tek hot water tek rooting lianas tek scarifying teks heated pot tek (I'm planning on designing and creating a large heated pot for a banisteriopsis/argyreia that can be over wintered if necc - or adapted to be aquatic like the lilly/lotus pots doing the rounds for a lot of cash ) etc,... that way any:- -beginner can access the most awesome skills to kick them off on their chosen plant path and get a good feel for stuffs and have somewhere easy to find to ask questions n stuffs if they feel a need.. -or refresher can revise before getting back into the swing of things since it seems a lot of folk lose a lot of plants due to unforseen circ's whaddya reckon me olde china's? I'll have a bash at a heated pot design (non aquatic for now) and just bung it all here until we have some ordered functional approachable and easily located Teks sub forum/category section - or whatever the fk you call em then please can the relevent tek talk be lifted and moved to the new place when time comes if that's how the future will come to pass.. Thank you kindly and have a super evening!
  5. (PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY) This is my guide to growing woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope this will be of help to anyone new to the subject and also serve as inspiration for others wanting to try and create thier own outdoor patches in a lovely garden setting this has proved very successful for me in the past and i wanted to share with you all the way i make this happen. this will serve as a complete guide to growing your own woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope you all find this informative and as i said earlier inspiring...... enjoy throughout this guide i will be showing you some different techniques i have used in the past so this is how it all starts you can begin with either 1: freshly picked specimens or 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing so we will begin with number 1: freshly picked specimens for this method i like to take my fresh specimens and rather than using just the stem but i cut the mushroom into 3 pieces so that i end up with the stem but, the stem and the cap get yourself some cardboard and tear the outer layers away so that you are left with just the corigated middle part you can soak this in some boiling water to try and get rid of some of the excess glue however this is not at all necessary place your mushroom pieces inbetween your wet cardboard i like to start small with some small plastic containers allow the mycelium to take over the cardboard as you see in the picture below (the black parts you see are just old rotting pieces of mushroom this has no effect on mycelium growth and has never caused any kind of mould growth for me i have done this numerous times without a problem) the mycelium pictured below is from an unidentified species i discovered last season after this i then take the step to a larger tub (pictured below) firstly i will add more larger pieces of cardboard into the tub and spread my smaller cardboard pieces throughout the layers once these larger cardboard layers are colonised i then get wood chips and basically make a lasagne by pulling the large sheets of cardboard out and placing woodchips between the cardboard layers and again leave this to colonise once this is colonised i make my outdoor beds i do this by simply placing as many layers of cardboard on the ground as possible (this also acts to stop the weeds growing in your garden) take your colonised chips and cardboard and spread it out over the cardboard you placed on the ground your new garden bed is on its way i now take some fresh woodchips and layer them over the top about 1-2 inches is good it should look something like this now if we go back to the start this time we will begin with option number 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing pictured below is wood containing mycelium in this case you can simply take your colonised wood and place chunks of it around in your outdoor woodchip patch just like this then ofcourse simply bury it in your woodchip bed and allow the mycelium to spread throughout the bed now this next method is something i devised using the idea of the spawn plug tek this method has worked extremely well for me get yourself some logs drill some holes throughout the logs and place either colonised cardboard, woodchips or even stem buts inside the holes i like to then plug the holes up with some pieces of fresh uncolonised cardboard this should last long enough to allow the mycelium to take over the log from the inside out you can see in the picture below where i have drilled holes in this particular log then take your colonised log and simply bury it in your woodchip beds i like to just bury it halfway like this i then take this log and move it around my garden every year or so within a few months the mycelium from the log will spread like crazy into your woodchip bed this log has been in this particular spot for around 7-8 months as you can see from the pictures below the mycelium has spread outwards from the log quite dramatically so thats basically it a very simple way to create not just outdoor beds for woodlovers but to make a beautiful garden that grows your favorite woodloving mushrooms thankyou all for reading i hope you found this informative and inspiring (AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY)
  6. Darklight

    Bolete cultivation?

    A bloke from Lismore gave me some boletes he described as Slippery Jacks yesterday. No confirm ID yet, and I'm not going to bother really, he's a lifelong forager and has been eating them from this patch for years. I'm satisfied they're edible Have done a lot of searching, and I remember reading the other day someone has managed to cultivate bolete-type mushrooms in beds or bags without associating them with a living tree. It was a recent tek, but for the life of me I can't find it, and it could be just my bad memory Anyone know of or has tried successful cultivation of boletes? I want to put this one on some wood pellet agar and/ or PDA + chloramphenicol for spawn, but if it's not a goer til a tek is perfected I won't take it further
  7. I've had a few requests lately in-person for help and advice with sterile techniques- usually related to mycology, but also with regard to plant tissue culture It's hard to teach this online, and a lot dispiriting watching so many people burn out over the years trying to learn these teks in isolation I'm thinking about running a Sterile Tek for Mycology workshop to be run at Koda Phytorium in Byron Bay around early June. This will be a 2 day workshop of approx 5 hours a day with a lunch break in the middle I'd love some feedback on the course outline below. What would people like to see? What is redundant? Would you attend if you were in the area? Does it sound interesting for n00bs? Sterile Tek for Mycology Location: Koda Phytorium, Byron Bay Date: Mid June 2013, ( TBA ) 2 days Cost: About $350 per person ( but TBA, it's equipment intensive ), this includes your own take-home perspex tunnel and some hardware The proceeds of the workshop ( all the course fees minus equipment expenses ) will be donated to the Australian Ethnobotanical Association http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34208 Limit: 4 people Aim: This workshop provides good practical grounding for culturing and growing gourmet edible and medicinal mushrooms at your home or community group. It is aimed at beginners and enthusiasts We'll be doing practical sessions with four woodloving species ( primary decomposers ): Oyster mushroom ( Pleurotus spp ), Shitake ( Lentinula edodes ). Shimeji ( Hypsizygus tessellatus ) and Reishi ( Ganoderma lucida ) This will be a small, practice-based, lab-centred workshop, covering theory and some practice of sterile tek, and some semi-sterile teks like hydrogen peroxide, shiitake newspaper logs and Pleurotus straw bales You don't need any experience with mycology to attend this workshop. You should be over 18, though we can waive that for people who can show maturity and commitment or have a parent or guardian who will be responsible for you and undertaking the course on the same day. This short practical course is extensive but not exhaustive- we'll cover the basic teks and theory but there are always new teks coming online. If you have some myco experience and would like to attend, we really welcome your input as long as you understand that you may be one of the more advanced students in the class Topics we'll cover: Biology and growth of edible and medicinal species. Ecology. Safety. Sterilisation and aseptic theory and practice. Inoculation and growth on solid and liquid media. Contamination and contam patterns. Spawn and dowel culture and handling. Research. Maintaining your culture library. Record keeping. Storage, and drying. We'll make some shiitake or reishi newspaper logs and a couple of Pleurotus straw bales. You'll take away some culture slants of your own. and a few extra copies we'll supply you with, a reishi or shiitake newspaper log, your own perspex tunnel and hopefully a head full of knowledge All workshop profits ( basically your course fee minus what I pay for the perspex tunnels and supplies ) will go to the Australian Ethnobotanical Association You will need to wear covered shoes. For best results and your own safety please keep long hair tied back during prac sessions. Bring a hat and something to drink for the outdoor sessions. Please make your own food, drink and accommodation arrangements The techniques you learn at this workshop can also be applied to plant tissue culture, and we may run workshops on that in future, however practicing these teks using your perspex tunnel after the myco workshop will significantly increase any benefit you get from a plant tissue culture workshop