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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, Was just after some help identifying these two cacti. I believe them both to be pachanoi but am unsure whether they are the PC clone. Any general tips on identifying this clone would be much appreciated as I have a great deal of trouble discerning the difference.
  2. Hey guys was just hoping for some help identifying these trichocereus cacti. I believe they are all t.pachanoi but I was also hoping if someone can help me determine whether they are the PC (predominant cultivar) clone. I have heard that PC clones have upward facing areoles but it seems that many trichocereus share this characteristic. I have uploaded both side and top views of the cacti in question to help with identification. Sorry I am quite new to this but if anyone could share any tips on identifying PC clones it would be very much appreciated. Much love <3
  3. Sallubrious

    Encrypted Messengers

    Is anyone else using any encryption software to communicate by phone ? There are a few kinds available that are all very similar and very easy to use. They replace the standard messenger in your phone and then you can send end to end to encrypted messages (you still have the option to send a regular SMS), SMS,MMS, calls and video calls to other people running the same system. They allow for encrypted group messages and they all have a companion desktop app that runs on your computer so you can send your messages using a computer keyboard and not have to use the dinky little phone keyboard. A few of the more common ones are Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp. Signal and Whatsapp both use the same protocol and all their messages are encrypted by default. Telegram uses a different protocol and you need to choose to send an encrypted message. They all have have features like self destructing messages and the ability to delete messages which has its benefits if you don't want sensitive information hanging around on your phone for someone else to discover. The last time I checked Telegram seemed to be leaving more of a trail of metadata (particularly for unencrypted messages) but Signal eliminates most of the metadata by design. If any authorities want to subpoena Signal for server records etc there is almost nothing for them hand over because their servers don't store calls just connection data. Anyway, I'm using Signal as it seemed to offer everything I needed and also I've got my elderly parents using it so we can do video chats with the kids. Video chats are easy, you just click on the name of the contact and hit the phone button (in the signal messenger) to ring them and then you have the options to switch your camera and/or microphone on and off. Electronic Frontiers - How to use Signal iOS Electronic Frontiers - How to use Signal Android One caveat, you need mobile data switched on your phone (sender and receiver) or you need to be connected to wifi for messages to go through. If either the sender or receiver are not connected to the web either through their router, a wifi hotspot or their 3G or 4G connection, the messages won't get through. So if you are like me and several people I know with limited mobile data plans on their phone and have mobile data switched off by default you can send a regular SMS first and tell them to flick their data on because you are about to send a Signal message (or just text something pre arranged to let them know it's coming - an emoji ect) After you install Signal it will import your contacts list (you still add new contacts there as normal) and let Signal become your new messenger (give it permissions at the prompts). All messages to other people not using Signal will just proceed as normal (you don't need mobile data or wifi for them). Signal will default to sending other signal users encrypted messages but if you just want to send them a normal SMS (maybe you have no data left on your plan or need to tell them to switch their data on) you write the message as normal and then do a long press on the send message button and select unencrypted to send a regular SMS.
  4. Trichocereus sp. La Paloma = Tr. Riomizquensis? Have a look at those interesting plants I got. They are a Trichocereus type from Chile and it´s really very similar to Trichocereus Riomizquensis or the PC Pachanoi. It´s probably somewhat related to Trichoereus Chilensis but also seems to have some Pachanoi Genetics in it.
  5. Comparison Trichocereus Riomizquensis & PC Pachanoi Hi Guys, I am pretty sure that the PC Trichocereus Pachanoi is actually what Friedrich Ritter described as Trichocereus Riomizquensis FR856. This type grows around Chuyllas near the Rio Mizque and as far as I am concerned, it is absolutely identical with the PC pachanoi. Friedrich Ritter sold seed of Trichocereus Riomizquensis throughout the world, what makes it very possible that most of the plants that we call PC were grown from his FR856 seed. Of course there is no way to actually prove it but I am 100% convinced that this is the case. Trichocereus Riomizquensis is no longer an accepted species and those plants are simply called "Trichocereus Pachanoi" these days. Now, I´ll add two pics. The b/w pic shows the FR856 while the other shows a PC Pachanoi. Pic is from Prier. Now, if that is actually the case, not every specimen of the PC is a clone.If all those plants were grown from the same FR856 seeds, the "PC Pachanois" of the world are actually related but not genetically identical. While some of them cannot mate with each other, some other plants known as PC Pachanoi CAN. Would love to hear your breeding experiences so let me know if you were able to pollinate your PC´s with pollen of someone elses PC. But that would only work it´s not a cutting from the same plant in your garden. Trichocereus Riomizquensis Trichocereus Pachanoi PC (Pic: Prier) Well yeah, please leave out anything about their chemical profile out of this discussion. But this is really interesting and I personally am really sure that the two are synonymous. I also think that Michael had the same impression recently, which is really cool because that means that this is not a brain fart.