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  1. This is a very complicated and multi faceted Situation.

    One of my obsessions is history and geopolitics ( as much as i know it should not warrant so much of my attention ) and I study these events a lot. What is going on here is just a small eddy in a rapidly flowing river.

    Us plebs are never going to know what is really going on though, we simply form our opinions on the information we are subjected too. Who know's what the real game is here ?

    I feel I have a pretty good grasp on these events and have been right with most of my future predictions. My gut instinct tells me this was a false flag for reasons I really could not be assed debating here and I believe it has much more to do with the petrodollar and the world banking system than it does with natural gas pipelines through Europe. But hey I could be wrong - In fact we all are to some degree here.

    It amuses me to see people so vociferous and resolute in their beliefs.

    To have a reasonable undertsanding of what is going on here it helps to have a grasp of the world economy and world currency, geography, history, religious divides, social psychology e.t.c

    This is just one front in a much wider conflict covering eurasia, the middle east, africa, asia.. everywhere really.

    I am sure of one thing and that is that shit is about to get much more intense.

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  2. Hahhah... are you a hippiephobe ?

    Don't worry bro - meditation won't make you grow dreadlocks and start practising fire poi ;) Don't think of it as meditation and all the stigma that goes with it. Just think of it as slowing down and chillaxing. When you slow your breathing... it starts to slow your heart beat. I can slow mine down considerably. When the body slows down this much it causes all sorts of other physiological changes - like more of those feel good chemicals. There is nothing really hippy about that hey... When you start to slow breathing... your heart follows... and then... your mind slows. Don't worry about all this advanced transcendental hippy hoohaa bro. Just concentrate on sloooowing down and the rest will follow.

    All good BT - I wish you the best mate. I could even try send some hippy vibes your way if you like ?? Hehhe

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  3. 1. I honestly can't remember much about my childhood. Its just a blur. I remember bits but i can't put them in order

    2. As above i don't remember when exactly i started Zoloft. I will need to read my GP's book on me to find out. Reading that book may jog some memories but it would be like reading a story that i am not familular with. My memory is shot. I can't say more about this because i really don't know!

    Ive never been diagnosed with bi polar

    Yes i have tried sally before

    No I've never had any sedatives as my doc won't prescribe them to me as she thinks i have an addictive personality because i was real bad on the erb. (I've only ever been addicted to the erb. nothing else)

    3. Yes i am an atheist. I am in no way spiritual at all. I was brought up to be catholic but never wanted a bar of it

    I find it very hard to communicate over writing/text. It has taken me half an hour just to write this as i have to keep going back up and reading your questions

    I am not really interested in Ayahuasca. I just don't want to be changed the way that Aya changes people. Enlightenment just seems like brain damage to me. No offence people but spiritual talk and the likes just seems like something is misfiring in the brain. I really don't want to be the person speaking "hippie mumbo jumbo". Its just crazy talk to me

    i have done about 2 hours of meditation all up since this thread has started and i just don't get it. Sitting still is so uncomfortable and boring for me. I am not a movie fan because of this. I can't sit still for that long.

    Ok mate.. the offer stands anytime

  4. You say you have a bit of coin floating ? Go stay at an aya retreat in South America for a while. Or go visit an Iboga treatment facility somewhere for a good amount of time. Remove yourself from the rat race. Be around loving people. Spend time working with our plant medicines in a natural setting and eat good clean living food. Throw that evil shit your doctor prescribes you at the airport bin on the way out of OZ.

    If you do this and do not come back a changed man with love in your heart and a twinkle in your eye then Ill eat a big spiney bridgesii !

    If you want a travel partner - Ill join you.

    You say meditation does not work right ? But how many minutes have you really 'really' attempted to do it since this thread began ?? You have a lot of clued on people here advising you that they have been where you are and that that is their best recommendation. There is no magic wand dude. There is no magic pill ( so to speak ) I tell you what BT - I have met you here in Adelaide before and I can see you are a good guy. If you are really interested in trying meditation but are having troubles getting started and wondering what it is actually all about and how to go about it I will find a suitable teacher of meditation at a place near you and Ill pay for your first two sittings so someone can run it by you - tactfully and with compassion and in a way you can understand. I know it doesn't help when people come on and talk so deeply with such complicated language about something your unfamiliar with.. it can kind of be counterproductive. Those who have reached such said levels of enlightenment should maybe understand tact and approach a little better. But either way the offer is there. No pressure and no hard feelings If your not interested and no strings attached either.

    Let me know if you might be interested.


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  5. interesting discussion, good to hear different people's experience and perspectives . in the way it appears to me, they undoubtedly do, yet in a pre-reflective, primitive or primordial kind of way. I've never heard explicit, linguistically transmitted teachings. rather i've experienced plants setting up the pre-linguistic conditions which structure how the pre-conscious mind delivers meaning in such a way as to lead it toward particular realisations. in a sense they're teachers of the Socratic kind, wherein they lead or coax the pure stream of bare consciousness in a particular direction, colour it with a certain shade, imbue it with a certain quality (really trying to explain this runs up against the limits of language) which helps generate specific realisations.

    i believe it's always unique with each individual, and i think no one's experience should be discounted because it may differ from anyone else's, but the teachings appear to me in the form of emotional, somatic, visual or audiological alterations, and not linguistic transmissions. I have of coarse experienced intensification of linguistic meaning, be it in the form of an inner or outer monologue that arrives like an unstoppable avalanche, but the plants have never spoken to me in the queen's English, they just set up conditions. Honestly, I find English is not all that helpful for integrating psychedelic experiences into everyday life, and is just inadequate for communicating them to others. to use an analogy when i learn different techniques on the didjeridoo, language is of no use, i've just learned something new that doesn't require words, that enables me to play a different way . likewise with plants i've just received something from them that enables me to see and inhabit my world in a different way.

    Cheers for the thread :)

    You are a wonderful wordsmith Seldom

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  6. In answer to your OP Nightbreed..

    My first love affair with plants was good old cannabis sativa - My real eye opener was with fungi which led me to the obsession with ethnobotanicals. I have since worked with many of our well known entheogens in various settings and can say that they have opened my mind so much. I have had some pretty difficult introspective journey's and some amazing epiphanic experiences. They have taught me more than my peers and family combined.

    I am a strong believer in 'plant consciousness' ( it is too easy to be caught up with symantics talking of such things ) after all - 'science' now shows us that 'everything' is just energy and vibration right ?

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  7. Perhaps so Bot6 - I am no authority on this stuff hey. Just going on what I have experienced - but for all I know I'm some brain in a jar experiment being studied by some Random one eyed purple life form - I may even be crazy :wink:

    Just a subjective opinion - I have no backings for my claims - and even if I was sure about my claims.... how would one go about proving them ??


  8. Hell no... Absolutely not my man. Sorry I did not to make it sound all elitist.

    But I am thinking that after an aya session it might be a little bit easier to believe in the 'possibilty' that these plants have a spiritual force that may perhaps be able to communicate with us.

    I can't explain in words my experiences... I'm not much of a wordsmith and the experience can be pretty ineffable - for me anyway.

  9. Here is some food for thought.. In every 2.47 acres of Amazonia, there are 1500 plant species, 750 tree species, and 900 tons of living plants. According to Rain Tree, 438,000 species of plants have been registered as having economic or social interest - but there must be millions upon millions of species at the hands of the local indigenous people.

    The ingredients for aya as we all know contain both an Maoi and the relevant tryptamines. Lets use for example viridis and caapi ( ignoring the various admixtures and different brews )

    I wonder how the shamans discovered this combination ? It seems to my mind ( mathematically incompetent as it is ) that the odds of stumbling across the combo is millions upon millions to one ( is that right ?? I dunno - im shit at math )

    I have heard though, that it was the spirit of the plants that bestowed this information to the indigenous shamans and to me it seems way more plausible than a potluck type scenario.

    ( nice link GHBeer - that is from the bbc doco "plants sex and drugs" right ? Very cool doco ! )

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  10. Klara sharing the first ikaro she received from the plant (spirit) doctor - Noma Noma. This video has been taken after Klara has been dieting for 3 years and whilst she is still in the early stages of her apprenticeship

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  11. Your on the right track with your mode of thinking BT. It's Often those that find meditation the hardest at the beginning that stand to gain the most from it.

    There are some pretty knowledgeable and helpful people on here in regards to diet and I'm sure you'll get some good advice. I have before.

    Keep drinking green smoothies. That euphoria is your body telling you it's loving that shit :D

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  12. In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born. What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.” The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm. “Mental disorder, behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé. These disturbances result when the person does not get assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.


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  13. Have you looked into the latest science on the effect meditation can have on depression and anxiety.

    It has helped me so much and there is now a lot of evidence on how it works. Literally rewiring and rebuilding damaged and unused parts of the brain.

    Unlike Zoloft which is like a subtle chemical labotomy ( containing fluoride compounds if I remember correctly ) It does not come with the insane warnings that your SSRI's do and is proven to work brilliantly.

    Thing is it kinda does take discipline and if your anything like me this will be the biggest hurdle to meditation. Believe me though it is worth it Turkey. You can find the stoke again mate.



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