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  1. Bridgeman

    Cacti ID

  2. Bridgeman

    Cacti ID

    thankyou I welcome any more comments relating to the identification of the cactus and if it is in the Trichocereus family, cheers
  3. Bridgeman

    Cacti ID

    Curious to know what cacti this is. Its 9cm in diameter , 7 ribbed, has creamy and sometimes bit of beige spines averaging 3 or 4 at 4 - 5 cm long and spaced about 3.5 cms apart.
  4. Bridgeman

    Are there aya ceromonies in oz ?

    I understand your view point Sheather but for everyone's piece of mind im not. I strongly agree that they are sacred healing plants and not drugs of abuse as folias mentioned. My opinion of the law regarding DMT/Hamaline container plants acts only as a pre-cautionary measure and probably will not be enforced heavily if at all unless theres money and other issues that often relate to a substance of abuse. Psychadelics are not known as a substance of abuse, for example LSD,shrooms e.t.c. are not addictive or "money making substances". Even though these unique plants aren't native to Australia, to clarify what I mean by Traditional ceremony I refer to the set and setting of what takes place during the ritual/ceremony including diet, preparation, the initiation e.t.c. These Shamans have been doing these ceremonies for a long time and they know what they are doing, so it makes sense to learn from them and make the journey the way they have. Andrew
  5. Bridgeman

    Are there aya ceromonies in oz ?

    Hi Ive searched the forums and havent found any specific info on this topic obviously because of the legalities of the use of ayauasca in australia. However if anyone does know and is willing to share how i can become involved in these ceremonies that follow traditional shaman ceremonies please pm me thankyou
  6. Bridgeman

    Hydroponic psychotria alba and caapi

    thanks very much for the replies . I'm mainly considering growing the psychotria alba hydroponically inside as i have heard they have slow growth unlike the caapi and i thought they would benefit and grow faster in a more controlled environment. I'm also going to purchase and upgrade to a Psychotria viridis "Luna" Plant now as at the time there was none in stock and thats why i chose the alba as have heard they grow faster but with only 60% strength in comparison.
  7. Can anyone direct me to some info for instructions on how to grow psychotria alba and caapi hydroponically and what are the pros and cons i.e. do they grow faster?
  8. Bridgeman

    Newbie Cacti ID please

    Thanks Ive taken some more pics in better light The spikes are a pale yellow with black tip, range from about 2 to 3 per aerole and about 20mm long. It has been handled alot around the tip for id purposes hence the lack of spikes which were originally ranging from about 2/3 per aerole.
  9. This cactus has a bluish green skin , the spikes range from about 2 to 3 and the skin is green-bluish thanks