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  1. I know a guy in the US who made a concoction of home made cannabis oil, orange oil, lavender oil and 50% ethanol.


    He sprayed it on his skin before bed and had had great sleeps. He also sometimes sprayed it on his skin in the morning if he was feeling anxiety/PTSD etc. Came on slow but worked wonders apparantly.


    I'm now wondering if the orange oil had a lot to do with the anti- anxiety effects that he reported.


    Man, that dude was an AWESOME guy :P

  2. I know a guy who had this issue back when both plants were legal. He told me that he changed one thing and everything improved. He decided that it was OK to swallow the juice and to not even try to stop it happening automatically. Pretty soon he completely forgot about trying to hold in the saliva and everything just went well after that (for both plants).


    With Khat, he would swallow a shot of 'Juiced Tips' first, and then chew a bunch more soft tips for a couple hours, and then swallow some more 'Tips juice' a few hours later, and then keep chewing and keep repeating for hours. It takes an uncomfortably long time so you gotta find a comfortable way of chewing. Basically you gotta go all afternoon and night, which he said "pretty much sucked", but he loved the feeling.


    With Sal, he'd prepare a scoob or two of simple dried leaf, chew as many leaves as he could for a while until he felt it start kicking in, and then light up with just a normal bic lighter and get as much of the scoob down as fast as possible. Usually by 80-90% of one scoob it was just right to let go and sink right into it and become one with nature like never before. "Most amazing feeling ever" he reckons, and "Best done in the evening or night with the soft golwing embers of a campfire". Apparantly it really helped with some crazy PTSD shit so it sounds like he had a totally positive experience. What a shame they banned it etc.




  3. Depends on the dimensions of the box I guess, but I've found it really beneficial to pack them into something where they're held neatly together saving space and won't fall over etc. Any box would do, but styro just has that nice insulative quality to it.


    I've recently found some really large and thick styro boxes available for free out the back of a local pet shop. They ship live fish in from overseas. Best styro boxes ever ! :) 


    Can't wait to try out these square bottles.



  4. From memory,  the trichos in that area were spiky Peruviana type plants, and any spineless trichos were probably brought in from elsewhere.


    The spineless clones really get around in South America as they are the more garden friendly types, often seen in the gardens and villages and towns. Their other traits could be anything at all. Cuttings end up miles away from thier original range and end up being cross pollinated by whatever's growing wild in their new area.



    All the spineless Matuc's I grew came out with spines. 

    Nice plants but I figured they were all pretty much hybrids with who knows what.


    People selling seeds aren't very scientific IME.