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  1. From memory,  the trichos in that area were spiky Peruviana type plants, and any spineless trichos were probably brought in from elsewhere.


    The spineless clones really get around in South America as they are the more garden friendly types, often seen in the gardens and villages and towns. Their other traits could be anything at all. Cuttings end up miles away from thier original range and end up being cross pollinated by whatever's growing wild in their new area.



    All the spineless Matuc's I grew came out with spines. 

    Nice plants but I figured they were all pretty much hybrids with who knows what.


    People selling seeds aren't very scientific IME.

  2. I just open the song in youtube


    highlight the url address in the address bar,


    Right-click 'copy'


    Right-click 'paste' into a new reply 


    It then automatically turns from a url address into a picture


    And lastly click 'submit reply'




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  3. Hey mate, nice to have you on board. What sort of plants are you into? Got any cool pics to share? Hope you have a great time here and make heaps of awesome friends. :lol::lol::lol:

  4. Hey mate, cheers. Unfortunately the next weekend I get off is Sunday 15th Jan,  but I don't expect everyone to work around me though. I work a crazy 6 day cycle rather than the usual 7 day cycle, so my day off is different every week. 


    Anyway,  have fun :)

  5. Don't you dare partake in it's euphoric glory one more time until you've propagated the crap out of it and shared it with the elders in this community. People live for this kinda opportunity, nay, honour!


    Picture yourself as Gollum and the ring. 


    Wisdom, sacrifice, devotion.


    Good luck bro. If what you're saying is accurate, a huge responsibility rests on your shoulders. May the plant-gods shine their light upon your path and carry you safely on your journey :wink::wub::drool2::wub:

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  6. Here's an old pic of a graft on to wild collected  Opuntia tomentosa. The graft grew very nicely but you can already see the fungal spots appearing at the base of the pedro. I ended up tossing it, not worth it IMO. Just make sure your stock is clean, that's all I'm saying :)



  7. I used to use those velvety tree pear (Opuntia tomentosa ) with great success, it was a mad stock, the only problem is that all the wild plants are infected with that shitty fungal disease that gets straight into your grafts and spreads from there.


    If you're thinking of using it think again, even if it looks like the nice fresh opuntia growth is disease free, trust me it aint. Ive even had another SABster confirm this with me after he used it.  Never again!