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  1. This was brilliant, thanks. One to spread far and wide for sure. His depiction of the psychedelic experience is poetic and his expression in general is clearly inspired. I particularly like the way he expresses the notion of Genetic Evolution being Natural Intelligence's form of self-learning expression and his beautiful reminders of the immense and incredible intelligence we are continuously immersed in but are often de-sensitised to, due to It's omnipresence. This is something that I obviously know, but hadn't languaged to myself for a while Has anyone read his book that he sprukes at the start, 'The Psilocybin Solution'? (SAB Search Engine said no) Will have to track it down. Gotta love late Friday nights. Peace Out
  2. Great stuff! You should be proud. You clearly have good ideas, motivation and talent. Comparing the mixing/audio quality of your homegrown tunes vs professional stuff is unfair. There are probably things you can do to get a cleaner and more alive mix even with your current DAW/setup as has been said here, but if you want the professional polish - why not work towards it? That said, there's so much professionally produced stuff around today that is plain BORING. But you're stuff is not boring, and a professional polish on it could only help. Only you can answer the question of whether you should continue. I'm sure you know the answer, and what the next step is. In my opionion - Rock on! Keep going.
  3. ayjay101

    Is it normal to feel mild euphoria from coffee?

    Totally normal - you are no more retarded than most of us (in this instance anyway ). It's why caffeine fuels most of us every day! I nearly always get the high, especially from a well-made espresso-based cup. Pretty much no come down too. However, too much makes me clammy and smelly and too little gives painful headaches! I've become a total addict in 2 yrs, going from none at all to a minimum of 2-3 each day.
  4. Yes, noice! Gonna use this on my next few bushwalks. Cheers
  5. ayjay101

    Michael Tsarion Australian Tour

    Howdy, I'm heading out on my lonesome to see Michael Tsarion this Saturday in Melbourne. Anyone else from this forum going along? If interested in hanging out with a fellow plant head at this event, pls drop me a line... www.michaeltsarionaustraliantour.com michaeltsarion.com/ astrotheology.com/ video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8545585184878490822 Hooroo for now dudes EDIT: spelling
  6. ayjay101

    Michael Tsarion Australian Tour

    All good. Should be fun. Gonna be front row and centre with my tin foil hat polished bright. Might even report back here if I can be arsed.
  7. ayjay101

    Michael Tsarion Australian Tour

    Tis cool mate. I'll be going with an open mind and wont be drawing any conclusions from what is presented. In fact, I never do, about anything - it's all about gaining more info for the mix for me. Understanding and thinking through others' perspectives is educational and worthwhile, despite your own persuasions. I enjoy the astrotheology approach enough, to say nothing of the conspiratorial info that is presented which I also get a kick out of - but in a different way. Labelling any truth seeker as an agent of deception is entertaining as when we're playing in thatarena, almost anything goes. That said I'm looking forward to it a lot... this sort of stuff tickles the same funny bone as the psychedelics used to... I just find it harder to get there often enough these days with a family, kids, career, blah blah blah
  8. ayjay101

    Dredging in Great Barrier Reef

    Unbelivable. Signed. Thanks.
  9. And there's the most commonly made mistake in these sorts of studies right there. You cannot compre two separate brains where one has been affacted by a particular 'thing' - in this case ecstasy use - without considernig what the individual brains were like beforehand. The only way to do comparisons like this and be fair, is to test the same brain(s) before and after any ecstasy use. This is obviously extremely hard to do. But comparing brains en masse as they are reported to be doing here is problematic as it doesn't take into account the ecstasy-affected brains BEFORE they ever used the drug. Perhaps there are other reasons why these ecstasy users' brains had differences from the non-users in the study - for example other drugs or behaviours commonly used with ecstasy use, or even personality types that are likely to even try drugs in the first place. Increasing the sample size should ensure more accurate results, but only 'on average'. Such studies usually proclaim much more dramataic results than 'on average' though. Pfffft EDIT - spelling
  10. ayjay101

    The riches of early season hunting

    Cool, nice finds. I think this year is going to be INSANE, given all the water we've had around over summer.
  11. LOVE your profile pic with the cacti and fractal stars

  12. ayjay101

    New Year's festivals of drug abuse

    only when I couldn't get any myself I'd be intersted to hear if there's any truth whatsoever in the rumour that strong caps are going around
  13. ayjay101

    mantis on bridge

    wonderful pic!
  14. ayjay101

    Tis hard.......

    Very sorry to hear your loss PD I don't know how I'll cope when I lose my brothers My mum lost her sister a few yeras ago and we all feared the worst for her as a result. Before long she was self-dosing on anti-depressants to the point she was a mere fraction of her former self. She tried to reduce her doses with medical assistance but was unable to cope with the emotional instability. It was looking grim. However with time and reflection she was able to recover and dispense completely of the meds, all by herself. Now she is a stronger and a more well-rounded person from the experience and it's a joyous relief that she has come back. She obviously still misses her sister like crazy every single day, but the loving memory of her sister is now a part of her that she loves dearly and nurtures constantly. As much as we like to beat up on the anti-d's en masse, they definitely helped my mum get through the hardest time of her life. Once she was able to realise she no longer needed them, she was able to move on and be a happy, fully-functioning person again. As such, I truly believe they can be useful in times of such extreme grieving. They are not a solutuion - obviously they do not take the cause of the pain away, but they can help us cope in the meantime until we are strong enough for the healing and integration to take over. Perhaps they could assist in your situiation and reduce your thoughts about your 'easy way out'. All the best mate. I am sure you will become stronger and happy in time. EDIT: I just want to add that we should all use these horrible reminders to cherish the times we have with the people we love and to tell them that we love them often, like RIGHT NOW.
  15. ayjay101

    Amusing Ourselves to Death

    er I mean, er I mean, er I mean, er I mean, Thanks! Excellently accurate on both counts!!
  16. ayjay101

    Car accident

    All the best mate Very sorry to hear
  17. ayjay101

    Winter Solstice Hunt

    fukkk me simply amzing shots! Thanks for going to the effort of posting them here. I love the floral mycenas and the Marasmius alveolaris - incredible.
  18. ayjay101

    2010 Season Pics

    Well, its been a great season. Things seems to be slowing a little now, thought I'd share some memories of what I've seen so far.
  19. How can this possibly prove anything when it doesn't take into account the personal history of the subjects? The fact that some chronic canna users outperformed some lighter ones is completely meaningless. They are separate brains and have potentially very different capacities regardless of any drug use. By choosing your subjects carefully, you could arrive at any conclusion you want. EDIT: For example, lets compare heavy canna users in a memory tests against alzheimers patients. Result: some heavy canna users peform better in the test. Conclusion: cannabis users' brains must obviously repair themselves from any damage caused by the habit or even worse - cannabis isa safeguard against alzheimers disease.... Either the study here is flawed or the reporting is...
  20. ayjay101

    2010 Season Pics

  21. ayjay101

    IDing help needed

    From what I've noticed, subs from the bush tend to be more elegant looking - taller and thinner stems, flatter caps with umbro nipple (more UFO like!), caps slightly lighter in colour and slimier, stems usually appear 'dirtier'. The ones found in woodchips seem to be chunkier, more fibrous & thicker bright white stems, generally bruisiung quicker and darker, caps seems to be darker and more leathery. Anyone else find this as well?
  22. ayjay101

    IDing help needed

    double post
  23. ayjay101

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Cheers Sam vvvvvvvvv gets one Golden Teacher Print for microscopy only vvvvvvvvv
  24. ayjay101

    IDing help needed

    Be sure to break them off at the base of the stem, or cut them off with a knife. By yanking them out of the ground as you have appeared to do you also rip out the mycelium from the ground as well, damaging the organism and reducing the chance they'll grow back anytime soon. Not that I'd recommend pickimg them anyway, as its illegal. Not to mention dangerous. Perhaps inform yourself better before trudging into our national parks and ripping our clumps of mushrooms and earth like that and then posting it online in the hope of having some magic mushrooms. This is wrong on so many levels. A little bit of research goes a long way and is fun to equip yourself with. Anyway be safe and please take (more) care. EDIT: spelling