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  1. Your use of the word ‘reticence’ made me smile. 

    19 hours ago, Glaukus said:

    I'll vouch for Trip if anyone is holding back due to reticence.


  2. Yeah I’ve checked all my known obscure salvia seed vendors and nothing.

    Its hard to even find info on it.

    if you’re into other obscure Greek foods I’ve got ‘gigantes beans’, very hard to find outside of Greece. Perennial with giant beans and edible starchy roots.

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  3. I’ve recently moved into the scenic rim in Queensland and the house came with a huge 25ft+ bamboo. Every day between about 7pm to 5am it ‘rains’ underneath it. It does it pretty consistently too, no stopping and starting. Tiny little drops, very faintly.

    I didn’t find anything on the internet about it.

    Can anyone Dr. Karl that shit for me?

  4. 4ft Acacia simplex $50

    2ft Doryphora aromatica $30

    4ft champaca magnolia $30

    1ft Tabernaemontana Australis $15 

    1ft Malabar chestnut seedlings $5

    Various fruiting opuntia pads $10