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  1. Kent

    trump minus bannon

    Trump's first military operation just happened in Yemen. Women and children slaughtered and their home burned. Now Trump's wall along the Mexican border - is the Rio Grande mostly fresh water?. I'm worried about the coyotes getting a drink. One town is right on the river. A lot of difficult terrain to build on. Why not just use electronic detectors?. Taxing Mexican imports to pay for it means the US citizens will be the losers.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoBL7fqOVcQ This doctor reckons 3 people have been murdered for talking publicly about her health. When she was Secretary of State, the CIA used mercenaries to overthrow the gov. of Libya which has the seventh highest oil reserves. Human life means nothing to these people. A retired CIA man said on TV that murder is just a tool of government. The Arabs are a doomed race. In a few years the Muslim world will have %90 of the world's oil reserves. The geographical coordinates of every public mosque on the planet will be in the CIA's big computer. Aliens gave the Koran to the Saudi peninsular which is why a worthless piece of desert is the Islamic Holy Land - the last place on earth with any cheap oil. No-one from this planet could have known about the oil or it's importance 1 1/2 thousand years later. When the time comes for us to help these grubs invade Arabia, terrorism against us will escalate dramatically. We created ISIS by invading Iraq, which doesn't exist anymore, but 5 1/2 million orphans do. The humanitarian crisis in the Middle East was described by the Pope as the worst since WW2. The Koran promises Muslims a place in heaven with 32 virgins if they kill infidels (non-believers) who invade their lands, but this was a translation mistake hundreds of years ago and should read 'free grapes'. I don't know what you mean by greatest president. If you had an Iraqi wife whose entire family was destroyed by one of her bombs you might think differently. "America is addicted to oil" - George Bush, whose mother liked to watch videos of Saudis raping US citizens.
  3. Kent

    Australia attacked Syria

  4. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    Well HD, the good citizens who were shot at Port Arthur weren't safe from the NWO and the Howard, Fischer, Christian Coalition. A man with an IQ of 66 is not one of the top 20 combat marksmen on the planet. An Australian brigadier and terrorism expert was astonished by the kill rate - 35 dead in the café and 19 wounded. And he was firing from the hip, a very difficult thing to do with head shots. An amateur would have wounded more than killed. Bryant was never at the café. An ex-soldier who was wounded said he wasn't shot by Bryant. Bryant was burnt in a mysterious fire miles away at the Seaview Cottage Restaurant, and a female café victim who was in the same hospital was refused permission to identify him. Bryant had a smooth complexion, the gunman, who was sitting outside the café when the nurse walked in, had a pockmarked face. The nurse was on the phone to the cops during the shooting but the main body of them had a BBQ on the way and took 6 1/2 hours to arrive. The gun buyback was a bit of a joke. They were mainly after the semi-autos but a lot of other stuff was handed in including worn-out junk. Some of he gov.-appointed buyers overpaid for stuff and a lot of new guns were bought with the money. The Gympie Gun Club was at the forefront of mutterings about the NWO. A US president once said that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. http://southeastasianews.org/portarthur/the_facts.html Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, who calls herself God's representative on earth, has often said that she wants to kill 6 billion people. Her charming husband would like to be reincarnated as a virus to kill humans. Tony Abbott, who spent $7 000 of public money in his last 2 weeks in office on alcohol, (his Bible tells him to look after his body), nominated him for a knighthood. It's good to see Catholics and Protestants getting along well though, because they've been killing each other for hundreds of years, which is one of the main reasons for the Reformation. http://www.propagandamatrix.com/prince.html http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2011/3845london_war_depop.html http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/february2008/020408_shoot_americans.htm https://america-wake-up.com/2013/11/03/why-has-obama-fired-197-us-senior-military-commanders-in-5-years-nine-generals-in-2013/ http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=obama+alien+bodyguard&view=detail&mid=2CE715F4C953B042C44A2CE715F4C953B042C44A&FORM=VIRE
  5. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    I had a look at Robina (Gold Coast) on Google earth and found the 5 rail sidings to the North. Across the main line to the left is a vacant site which I think is the place for the concentration camp. I tried to copy it as a link but failed. Maybe someone else can.
  6. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    This man helped build Dulce base, but they did so on top of a rogue alien base and there was an underground shootout. Why the aliens didn't tell them is a mystery to people in other forums. Schneider did lecture tours about aliens and the NWO, but was tortured and murdered in his apartment. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=phil+schneider+youtube&view=detail&mid=1AB133EFF5112C16A2161AB133EFF5112C16A216&FORM=VIRE Some of you may have seen this before.http://www.galactic2.net/KJOLE/NCCA/opmajor.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgiMqgjS-zM http://coupmedia.org/new-world-order/fema-camps-confirmed-in-australia-0902und I found a site which claimed that 13 to 16 mill. will be killed in Australia. I asked Federal MP Ken O'Dowd at Mt Morgan if this is true but he wasn't interested. I've written to 3 Fed. politicians but they're too gutless to reply.
  7. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=george+bush+new+world+order+speech+1990&qpvt=george+bush+new+world+order+speech+1990&FORM=VDRE Look at these beauties!. An employee of Gundersons said (anonymously) they built 107 200 for the Feds. They've got 137 pairs of handcuffs welded into each one. Schoolkids on Summer vacation did some of the welding. Built in the good-old USA, this project helped revive the steel industry. That'll teach China a lesson.l I don't endorse any site. Thank you for your courtesy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqr_qGSW5G8 http://apfn.net/Messageboard/09-13-05/discussion.cgi.37.html
  8. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x60s6g_live-alien-held-in-an-isolated-room_tech Cute little bloodsucker, isn't he?. Some of these things feed on human amnionic acid and plasma. The Yanks have got over 1400 underground bases 1 - 2 miles deep around the planet for the New World Order (DUMBS). At Dulce base, men ,women and children are kept in cages to be killed, chopped into pieces and thrown into vats to make liquid food for their alien friends. This came from a former British intelligence officer who saw the cages and the vats. The headquarters for the NWO was said to be a base 30 miles in diameter below Denver airport which is much to big for the size of the town. I recently read that it, and another base, were blown up, reason unknown. They are powered by miniature nuclear power plants. Putin recently said "To hell with the New World Order". The Kremlin threatened to talk about aliens if Obama didn't. China recently destroyed the electronics systems on a US cruise ship by flying a submarine-launched cruise missile past attacking it with rapidly-changing magnetic fields. The ship was abandoned and towed. Isn't that an act of war?.The story was censored from the mainstream media.
  9. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

    http://pn.i-uv.com/clinton-threat-to-destroy-everyone/ Fun's over people, Putin has threatened war. He recently made a pact with China to defend against US aggression and said he will use tactical nuclear weapons. The US needs %20 of the world's daily oil production. I think they forced Iran, who hates the Yanks, to sell them oil by causing earthquakes in Iran with radio transmitters called HAARP, also called earthquake machines. China buys a lot of oil from Iran. They tested HAARP by causing the tsunami in Haiti and killed 150 000 people, hit their ally Japan with a tsunami to force the government to hand over control of their economy to the US, and the President of Chile said that their tsunami caused by HAARP. Australia is building HAARP, so I wrote to the PM asking who he intended to kill with it but he was too busy with Obama talking about freedom and democracy to reply. Aliens known as the 'Tall Greys' engineered all the trouble in the Middle East because war is good for the planet. Without war, the population would be about 10 billion. (They also helped the Nazis build submarines.) I could tell you how they did it, but I would have to tell you the truth about our great religions and the churchies would get upset.
  10. Kent

    Psycho Hillary for La Presidenta!.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqbDBRWb63s
  12. Kent

    P&O to PNG.

    Ex wife rings up - went on 10 day cruise with husband. Docked twice and anchored 4 times with tender trips to land. Food not great. Friend's husband had sore on leg, got splashed on tender trip, bad infection, insurance to pay doctor on board, transferred to hospital at Brisbane, half trip wasted. I though the waters around there would be clean. Maybe BHP has a big dirty mine nearby. Went to island, whole village stoned on betel nut. Man in full costume walks towards them with hatchet, thinks she will be killed (nervous disposition); he was probably paid by P&O. She got very upset about starving dogs everywhere. Kid throws dog a piece of coconut shell with scrap of food in it, dog desperately scrapes it out. Another island, too rough to go ashore. Dock at Port Moresby, friend's husband dragged by two men behind wall, rescued by following crewmembers. In the afternoon, captain orders no more to go ashore, policeman shot. Uni students must still be trying to run corrupt PM out of town. I read once that Oz gives them 4 billion per year to run the place, just read that it is half a billion. Must check with our PM. I thought about going to the highlands metal-detecting for gold, but just read horror story about it in fossicking forum. Those guys up there trade gold for Kalashnikovs, I suppose to settle tribal disputes, so chickened out. I read that the Russian-made ones are the best quality. Dad took my family to Melbourne in 1963 I think and we came back on the P&O Himalaya. Apart from school, never been away from parents. Had to eat separately from adults, had a panic attack, hated ship ever since. It was like a Dickensian Nightmare. (How did this sloping script come up?). Glad to see it towed to Taiwan or somewhere to be scrapped. Found a forum last year, 'Reminiscences of the P&O'. Had my say, said that I hoped the whole crew burned in hell; some grub deleted it 2 days later. Donna won't be reminiscing!.
  13. Kent

    Australian 2016 Census... WTF?

    Shame they couldn't lodge them all online, then the lot could be uploaded to the CIA's huge computer. At least one politician refused to put his name on. One thing's for sure - all the residents of Uncle Sam's secret bases here would be exempt. Tonight on TV - Qld cops have got 60 cars around the state with a camera snapping 16 regos per second and they're going to keep all the info for 5 years. Even the police minister is confused.
  14. I drove through a flood 2 years ago in a 2WD ute to pull another vehicle out. The water came over the floor which is covered in rubber so wet carpet wasn't a worry but the roof lining got mouldy. I scrubbed it with bleach twice but it came back each time. A friend said to use clove oil so I bought a little spray bottle from the supermarket, sprayed it on and wiped it with a cloth. I wiped it off the next day and it stayed nice and clean. A few weeks ago I noticed dirt around my earlobes on both sides which was difficult to remove. It was mould, no doubt caused by having frequent showers in the hot weather and a mouldy bathroom due to the borewater and lack of home maintenance. I sprayed it on but the insides were painful and had to be cleaned with a soapy cloth. It killed the mould very quickly. Saved going to the doc or the chemist for some chemical concoction. I sprayed it on the fingers and wiped it on. Some people have a problem with mould under their toenails so cut them back and give it a go.
  15. Kent

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    My opinion about current affairs shows is that some stories are beat-ups and they don't always present the facts. It's been said that the media doesn't let the truth get in the way of a good story. I don't watch them any more but a segment about getting young people jobs on a tropical island doesn't give me an opinion about them, it gives me one about the unenthusiastic jobseekers. Someone wanted to know what my point is. It started off with an interesting anecdote which bemused me, then led on to other experiences. I try to thrown in a bit of humour, such as lion-taming surfies. Maybe I've been around non-jobseekers too long. I try to balance what I say by acknowledging the problems of people who are genuine. At the age of 58 I was diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder which, apart from decades of depression, makes it hard to understand people. I found some of the posts here insightful. Rigger has turned his life around and his story alone would have made this topic worth starting. I wish him all the best. Kent.