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  1. Just noticed that the Ourinhos is sprouting from a couple of cm's above the soil level! 
    Hey sagiXsagi, been a while! Hope you're well.


    I just trimmed back the dead offshoots and kept the main stem/s

    Now just waiting on Tunkunaka. I took cuttings before winter so it wouldn't break my heart entirely to loose the big one, but it would be much preferrable if it could come back to life!

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  2. Thanks for your help.

    I've moved them inside to a sunroom where they have been for the past month or so since the nasty frost arrived. But it has been a remarkably mild winter overall. 

  3. Hi folks, I have some large caapi vines which have lost their leaves over winter.

    I was thinking about cutting them back, hoping this may promote them to re-sprout once spring arrives.
    How close to the soil level should I be cutting? The vines are 1.5-2m above the soil. The main stems seem healthy but wither further up.

  4. hi just thought i'd put this offer out to any NZ members who haven't managed to get themselves some pereskiopsis yet.


    pm me if you want to buy or trade for some. I'm using most of what I have but can offer a few small mothers to get people started as it really is a wonderful plant to have if you are raising cacti from seed.

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  5. heya, been a while so I thought I'd share some garden pics.

    this is a combined effort between me and my partner over the past 2 nearly 3 years.. he is 'Padonkluft' on this forum :)

    we grow from seed, graft, make lots of cuttings.. prioritise plants over most other things

    we sell the plants we are less attached to and use the funds to provide for the other plants


    where to start... um, well i've been growing ariocarpus from seed and grafting them to pere, got a pretty decent set up now thanks to my partner's building skills

    this room is kept between 19 and 22 degrees, lights are on 18hrs a day



    here's last years ones all grown up :)



    plants are everywhere, indoors and out.. we're facing a pretty shitty cold winter but everything is holding up ok


    ...on the deck, nitrogen mutants.. variegated bridgesii and pach crest.. cordo crest, tbmv and variegated pach crest.. standard tbm






    first seedlings we sowed in late 2016



    out the back



    wash house full of mostly Zelly seedlings, some from Interbeing and Sacred Succulents too.. and more on the deck too



    sunroom.. tbmv getting some good colour.. tbmc..



    kitchen window.. Bonny x TPM variegate, bridgesii variegate and Sharxx Blue x TPM crest.. Juuls Giant x SS02 variegate.. arios

    IMG_20180628_100444[1].jpgjuuls giant x sso2.jpgIMG_20180610_151343[1].jpgIMG_20180527_132021[1].jpgIMG_20180610_151446[1].jpgIMG_20180610_151355[1].jpg



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  6. I'm having issues with them this year... haven't quite established what takes them out, I've used neem a few times but I think you need to be really systematic as they reproduce quickly.


    They have been thriving on my pereskiopsis grafts... not appearing on much else but I've kept them away from the rest of the collection. Damage looks brown and murky.. takes a few weeks to show.

    Also I'm pretty sure the white/yellow bugs are the juveniles, the adults are black with a white patch in my garden, although I'm aware that they come in a few different colours. 

  7. *bump*




    has everyone got these by now? or has the trich hybrid market been flooded and everyone has too many seedlings already?

    i've got some other stuff too







    black radish

    banana cantalope

    rock melon

    ariocarpus retusus mixed forms

    ariocarpus hintonii

    ariocarpus fissuratus

    acacia acuminata

    acacia burkittii

    acacia floribunda


  8. hello


    I've got some of zelly's trichocereus hybrid seeds to trade,

    approx 12 seeds of each type:

    macrogonus x icaros

    juuls x icaros

    validus x icaros

    icaros x sharxx blue

    icaros x (ss02 x ss01)

    icaros x lumberjack

    icaros x KGC

    validus x KGC

    bertha x KGC

    juuls x KGC

    huancoensis x bertha


    pm me with your seed list if interested





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  9. Hi obsidianjaguar, there's at least 3 planty people based in Auckland I know of.. Not sure how often they're online here but with any luck you'll find them eventually :)

    Also.. Plants can be posted nationwide, if you're ever after some trichs pm me.


    Hi oatis :) it's getting mighty cold here you can take solace in that haha

  10. Hi, 

    Haven't been very active on here myself but I'm just wondering if there's many New Zealanders on the forum at the moment and if anyone's keen for some trades. Got a fair amount of trich seeds, seedlings and maybe some cuts available. Keen to find a couple of things too. Pm me or comment below.

    Cheers :)

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  11. Hi, I've got some more seeds available for trade:


    Bogan x Yowie
    Yowie x Bogan
    Bogan x Scop
    Anna x Roseii #1
    John x Roseii #2
    Bridgesii x Pachanoi
    Pachanoi 1 x Pachanoi 2
    Pachanoi 1 x Peruvianus
    Pachanoi 1 x Scop
    Pachanoi 2 x Scop
    Pachanoi OP


    pm me if interested :)

  12. They look so good!!


    I will definitely have pics somewhere but I recently realised I lost the chord for my hd. Once I get a new one I'll send you some parent photos.


    well done they look very nice :)

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  13. Was walking along the edge of a huge grass covered crater of a dormant volcano with my mum and her two horses and I slipped..

    Grabbed onto the edge and dug in my fingers as deeply as I could, very aware that loosing my grip would most likely entail death. Seemed like it took forever for my mum to get off her horse and help me, but she eventually did, passed me the reigns from her horse to grab onto and he pulled me up and over the edge. Then we walk further along, mum back on her horse and leading the other one behind her. Then without warning the male horse jumps up onto the female horse, squishing my mum between them. I panic and call for help, out of nowhere other people appear and help me pull mum out. I was sure her back would be broken or something serious, but she's fine, just brushes herself off and then laughs about it.

    Then later on I am going to visit my old landlady, she wants to show me a house bus she has for rent.. It looks like a pretty normal house bus on the outside but when I go inside, I realise its much much much bigger than it really should or could be. Flash as fuck too, two stories, massive conservatory along one side, amazing views down into a forested gully which extends for miles.

    She tells me I can rent it for $60 a week.

    ..Wake up really wanting to live in a house bus :P

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