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  1. bogfrog

    My Little Collection

    where you have a close up picture of the side of your t. scop with "something white and fuzzy" is this going to be a problem, yes it looks like a mealy bug or a mealy bug nest they make little white webs and look like tiny white slaters (woodlice) kill it! and look out for them on your other plants, they are the main 'cacti pest' you will encounter. great collection you must have spent a bit of money on all of these, i love how much variety (and enthusiasm!) you have, good to see some caudiciforms in the mix there too! kea
  2. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    i didnt carve it myself but the guy who made it does sell a lot... FAR too cheap for the skill and effort he puts in. this pipe was $50 and i feel like taking him another $50 for it as well
  3. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    confiscated too of course! maybe impractical but it certainly beats any other cone i have seen. i am smitten with it. i wish i could carve. the guy who i brought it from can make pretty much anything you want. next on the agenda is a lophophora stash box!
  4. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    haha i wish! i dont think we have those toads in nz but i would really like a pet one if someone ever snuck over a pregnant one on a boat (hint hint ozzies)
  5. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    no you dont suck on the frogs arse! the mouth piece is next to his left foot
  6. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    its carved from wood there is just a little aluminium ring which the cone piece threads into
  7. bogfrog

    New friend

    my cat talks too! she says "nooo!" when you pick her up and it always sounds like she says my name when she wants food. she even said "andrew" to my boyfriend one day, trying to get him to open the door.
  8. i wish they were an invasive thriving weed ;)
  9. bogfrog

    Sore Throat

    marshmallow flowers and the wee green bit that holds the flower are really good to eat for sore throat. image search or ask your ma or pa, they will know what it looks like and there is prob a plant in your garden somewhere, they are a bit weedy
  10. i have just started growing some lophs from seed on a heat pad and was pleasantly surprised to have quite a few germinate in the first few days, which of course has stirred my interest now and i am wanting to buy alot more seeds, any variety of loph, mexican minature, any seed from crested, mutated or variegated cacti, and some brigesii, preuvianus and other tricho (other than san p) as i think it would be cool to grow some aussie strains. if anyone has a personal collection that they wouldnt mind selling some seed from please pm or even if anyone knows a really good reliable online vendor for seeds. i have found plenty of seed sellers but am quite unsure where to start! thanks, kea
  11. bogfrog

    Plants to aid stress and promote energy?

    gotu kola is also good for enhancing memory and is meant to promote long life. the plant i brought of it had a tag which suggested using no more than 2-3 leaves per day as there is something harmful in it go to a health food shop and get some skullcap, chamomile and passionflower teas, very calming and relaxing herbs. if you are having problems sleeping there is always valerian which is a good knock you out tea, beware though it smells like stinky feet!
  12. i just set up my new veg patches with pea straw and was worried about all those peas taking over, fingers crossed the neighbors chickens will weed them out for me. has anyone else ever had chickens that only eat the weeds from the garden never the veges? i remember that with our chooks when i was a kid. amazing stuff!
  13. bogfrog


    picture 4 looks like a trichocereus spachianus, number 8 is a sempervium arachnoideum (spiderweb plant) and number 12 is a myrtillocactus geometrizans (good grafting stock) nice start to your collection
  14. bogfrog

    possible peruv X?

    yeah we just brought some peruvianus Icaro seedlings which look pretty spot on to this.
  15. bogfrog


    i love the crested one, i hope they toughen up for you
  16. bogfrog


    do you have any ideas as to what this type is i have a plant the same as the taller one
  17. bogfrog

    Happy flowering Hoodia

    i had very similar to this but it had long cone shaped flowers, but saldy it didnt last long i didnt know it was even a cactus and it started to mould from the inside of all the stems i havent seen one since!
  18. bogfrog

    Loph grafts for sale

    god i wish you were in nz. i would pounce on these
  19. bogfrog

    cactus fruit cordial

    this cookbook sounds pretty dece, will look forward to seeing some more of it if possible, also could you tell us the title and name of the author if you get a chance?
  20. salvia!! (you will need to get this from a cutting though as they rarely seed) and also sceletium tortuosum (kanna) likes dappled shade
  21. hey does anyone have much knowledge about the different types of san pedro and have any photographic examples of different types? i suppose this might be a long shot as they are all crossed up mutts these days and pure strains are pretty uncommon, but worth asking just incase we have experts online here thanks, kea
  22. bogfrog

    Good cacti shops in Melbourne

    maybe some people have full time jobs or busy lives and cant spend every day doting over their seedlings, i personally think what you said is bullshit, i have never grown anything from seed and all my trichos are perfectly happy and thriving. cacti are so great because they can be neglected and still survive so they are incredibly grateful for any attention they are given. seed raising however can be hit and miss for anyone even experts can still have out right fails. you are meant to be encouraging and fostering people's interest not trying to put people off all together with snarky comments like this one.
  23. im looking out the window at a walnut tree right now and this looks spot on to your pictures
  24. bogfrog

    Who else drinks Kava?

    in my first job i worked at a little gorcery store where my boss always warned me about those fijians coming in and trying to bargain him down in price for the fresh kava, they really didnt like having to pay anymore than they thought reasonable. does anyone know if you can use it fresh? just grate it up and use like the dry stuff? maybe it would be more potent fresh with less time to oxidise etc. i read something about fijian guys sitting in a circle all night passing around the kava bowl until they float out of their bodies and take wonderful senic flights around the island
  25. bogfrog

    My first graft

    pantyhose all the way for trich grafts they are awesome