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  1. bogfrog

    1000th Post Giveway

  2. bogfrog

    1000th Post Giveway

    my two favourite kitties wasabi smelling cactus flower and bog assisting with moving house and favourite plant
  3. bogfrog

    Another Tricho

    hey do you happen to know what this might be? it looks likes martins "bridgesii" which no one seems to think is quite a bridgesii and it also looks like a plant i brought in wellington
  4. bogfrog

    pachanoi seeds

    gud shit can i maybe have a couple of seeds if there is heaps?
  5. hey does any one have any ariocarpus, loph, or calea zacatechichi seeds? also for datura metel, cool astrophytom hybrids (esp caput medusae) i am looking to buy or trade some seed. please PM me. thanks, kea
  6. bogfrog

    pachanoi seeds

    is this at the coromandel cacti nursery? how did that wee button go for u is he happy in his new home?
  7. very lovely collection i never bother too much with mesembrianthemums but after seeing your pics i will be keeping my eyes peeled for them. must be good to have two gardens, one rooftop, one more natural habitat. bit of variation is always nice. 10 points!
  8. bogfrog

    what could this be?

    great habitat pics MS you must get to see some of the coolest plants
  9. bogfrog

    easy laughs

    i decided to type in llama on google image search and boy they are funny looking things! i had to share a few they are like pokemon sheep deer! if anyone else feels like pissing themselves laughing have a look on google images at llamas
  10. bogfrog

    easy laughs

    very elusive creatures!
  11. bogfrog

    easy laughs

    hahaha thanks for that link it restarted my laughing fits
  12. bogfrog

    easy laughs

    the picture was called Llama worm!!
  13. bogfrog

    Trichocerei from nursary ID

    those tricho seedlings look very similar to some t. pascana seedlings we brought recently the seller said it would be 10 years before they reached half a meter though!
  14. bogfrog

    Some T. scopulicola forms

    it came from a guys collection from dunedin he had had it growing outside for 15 years, but we brought it thru trademe, the owner was over seas and selling to fund his travels so we picked it up from his mum who was looking after his plants mite be a special clone but i have another scop from red barn which is doing the same little notches so i always assumed it was pretty normal
  15. bogfrog

    The Price of Gardening

    i tried my hand at gardening in my flat last year and ended up having to move out before most of my veges were ready, i got alot of fresh garlic, potatoes, leafy greens, herbs, berries, rhubarb, plums and apples though. i hope whoever got my garden appreciated the free food! this year i am just that little bit more experienced and prepared. and i managed to inherit a garden with plums, apples, figs and apricots already well established. go growing your own food!
  16. bogfrog

    Some T. scopulicola forms

    here is a couple of pics of my boyfriends 4 ribbed t. scop it has done some trippy rib formations, maybe it thought it was going to get a bigger pot and put out some more ribs then stayed in the same small pot so gave up again
  17. nice plant you got yourself there
  18. bogfrog

    Couple of Trich. IDs

    same plant but showing his pretty alien looking face
  19. bogfrog

    what could this be?

    it really was a beast ae i was sad to see it go! we tried cutting off the rot again and again and then finally thought we had beat it when we realised the tip was rotten too hopefully we will get more of it as a friend has been told he is aloud it but it will be mission impossible removing it. chunkiest cactus i have seen so far
  20. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    just today got this and it is so beautiful i had to show it off!
  21. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    also today my boyfriend got his two pipes from the same guy excellent work once again, he said website will be coming soon
  22. bogfrog

    the coolest pipe in the world

    i believe it is matai which (i think) is a nz native
  23. bogfrog

    my reptile pals

    holy shit that must be the coolest thing about auckland! other than maybe coro cacti we have been thinking bout getting a pet lizard they are like dinosaurs
  24. when i was at high school and had been learning german for three years i once had the bizarre experience of a dream in german where my thoughts and the conversation i was having were in german. it was a short dream and i woke up after still knowing what i had been taking about. now my german is pretty crap and i cant remember much but it got me thinking any way. a russian friend of ours also has told me about when he is speaking russian and thinking in russian he thinks of himself as a quite different person compared to when speaking and thinking in english.
  25. bogfrog

    trichocereus scopulicolus

    they do some trippy looking rib formations when big like this one in far right of picture cant find a close up but this one looks like a weird alien face! and also excellent big flowers