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  1. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    here is that photo of the motherplant that our specimens came from, i have thought before that it may have been a bee cross?
  2. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    lol i am just as stumped as you, i really thought it didnt look anything like a tersh either, i will try track down the motherplant photo she sent me with the plant ages ago. It was seed grown by a woman who sells plants of trademe. mutant - ha holy shit, thats pretty gung ho of him but cool! great success!
  3. this is a new one, using a technique i remembered from primary school - filling in the page with bright pastel colours then covering with black pastel and scraping through the dark pastel with a pen. i like to call it anti-drawing
  4. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    lol how did you get nz specimens to greece ae?
  5. bogfrog

    maui ipomoea violacea flowers free!

    do you smoke the flowers?
  6. bogfrog

    hello world

    ha most definitely not wise yet, i am just trying to build one stone at a time , my mind into a temple in which to worship life. wrote the above on the last day of being 19, thought it was a nice send off to my teens. thanks for positive responses though, it helps me see that i'm on the right track
  7. i wrote the following after a development of my views, a few missing pieces to my puzzle of life finally fell into place and somehow writing was the easiest way for me to not only view it for myself but also to express this to anyone else. In such uncertain times, it seems that everyone is terrified of them selves, not only their worst fear of the most horrible thing they could be, but also of the greatest self they could become. It is as if in our duality we cannot be free to experience our self. To be at one with yourself is the most magical and powerful important experience. It is when you truly believe in all the beautiful unique gifts that are available to each and everyone of us - that the impossible can and not only can, but will become in the instant that you ask for it. It is all a matter of belief. The problem that holds humanity back from accessing their higher self seems to be not only worldwide - but a universal problem, as is the gift of consciousness comes as a doubled edged sword. At first it seems an incredibly difficult task, an aching burden and we battle with our own inner conflict throughout however many life times as it takes us to realize that we trap ourselves in mundane, unhappy, unfulfilling existence by choice. It is this realization which releases us into 'the kingdom of heaven' as such, where just as the universe perpetually expands, so do our minds and our capabilities. Each soul contains barriers that may have been left untouched for many lives, and addressing these blocks that we set ourselves will seem like the most horrible and terrifying thing that we could make ourselves go through. But it is that such terrifying act which sets us free, once we can work through our problem with our self and move forward from the restraints that each of us create. It is not arriving at one final point in life that is important - but the journey itself. Many people only experience life in its raw unfiltered form and see it for the majesty that it is in the moments during and after their death. It all becomes so clear and obvious and they feel it has all worked out in that instant -but then they instantly forget these universal truths and are born into another body back on earth, to live the same process again. Happiness is not to be gained from power, sexual prowess, money or material possessions, but from acceptance of the beautiful intrinsic wonder of life. We are so lucky but we just cannot see it. We are each carrying a masterpiece within ourselves, we just need to step out of the way. If we want to stop the war, we must begin with ourselves.
  8. will do. is there a good books to read thread? i think that would be a valuable asset to all of us
  9. i just brought this book online after seeing this post! it does look like a very good one indeed. Thanks!
  10. bogfrog

    Headless chicken lived for 18 months

    i dont know if i am convinced!
  11. woah. absolutely excellent, seeing these has made my day!
  12. bogfrog

    Sounds for special times

    i like the grand ethereal sweeping notes. they are quite archaic
  13. bogfrog

    hello world

    and whats so terrible about that? i think you might be jealous that you arent a hippie
  14. bogfrog

    Double blossom Brugmansia

    i've got a wee one like that! amazing perfume at night
  15. bogfrog

    One of my gorgeous Brugmansias

    reminds me of a pokemon
  16. bogfrog

    Amorphophallus paeoniifolius

    holy shit, what a crazy looking plant
  17. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    thats a lophocereus schottii monstrose, i dont think it likes my climate though it came from the top of nz and hasnt budged since moving to the bottom of nz
  18. bogfrog

    pink peyote

    cool it very well could be, the pink ones seem to last alot longer than albinos so you should have a good wee while to consider weather to graft esp since you say its one of the biggest and looks healthy! i have only had a couple pink san pedros but they are still on their own roots and a good 4 months old.
  19. bogfrog

    Cactus seeds for swap

    original post says: "Posted 20 January 2005 - 08:16 PM " lol took me a while to notice that!
  20. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones