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  1. Thegribbs

    Extreme Heat

    Yeah I tried my first bulk substrate using manure, coir and straw. No mold in sight but got a smelly bacterial infection LC helped out with the colonisation rate at first, but now things have really slowed down. Those pins could have started growing again, albeit slowly.
  2. Thegribbs

    Extreme Heat

    I think the past few days have really slowed down myc growth in some jars. They were kept in a cool cupboard but the ambient temperature was just too great. Hopefully they come back. I head somebody talking about growing cubes in NSW. The heat got over 44* for a day and halted all pinning, turning the caps a dark dark brown. The fruits that were about half way through maturing had twisted hollow stems stems. I hope for his sake they recover! Funny how most people are waiting for temps to get up, or stressing about low temps. Is anybody else have any problems with the heat this summer?
  3. Thegribbs

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Yoink! The B+ I have is said to produce a lot of mutants, mostly just wavy caps and retarded stipes, though content/yeild isnt effected so snap it up! VVVVVvvv Next gets B+ for microscope use only vvvVVVVVV
  4. Don't most people do this experiment at school? Except water, not urine . I've helped run a mower off hydrogen and fuel vapour with no modifications to the engine. I'm in no way putting these girls down, but this thing is going to use far more electricity than it puts out. Maybe its their first project on the parth for a perpetual hydrogen cell? EDIT: Typical Nigerian scam
  5. Thegribbs

    piss testing

    Quick Fix synthetic urine. Passed several tests with it so far, and now I'm at the point where I'm not a sweating shaking worry whenever I take a test Actually this would be a good time to ask if anybody would be interested in a cheaper version of Quick Fix that's in development (same ingredients, no different from the branded stuff). send me a PM. I'm thinking I can keep the cost under $20.
  6. Where is this data going to be stored? I can't see mandatory data retention ever being carried out with the current technology. Imagine the electricity, equipment, land and resources required to undertake such a project! I can't imagine any service providers being able to facilitate it, or the government for that matter (especially with their grand goals of a surplus ).
  7. Thegribbs

    eating mycelium

    Wow, guess it really depends of what you get out of it. Personally, I like growing things, its therapeutic, so its like a little bonus.
  8. Thegribbs

    i think i discovered something

    If anybody has any seedlings or seeds they can't germinate and distribute themselves I'd love to help ( PM me ). Would really make me happy to help distribute an endangered species like this! Also, was it found inside or outside it's accepted distribution? Would be great to hear it's spreading.
  9. Good to be growing again!

  10. Thegribbs

    eating mycelium

    http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/12361289 I don't see why not. Would you really eat cakes though? A tea I understand but cakes Is that extra dose really worth it? Iv'e planted cakes in pots with other plant before (HBWR). When it rained they would occasionally sprout up! Seems like a much better use for them IMO.
  11. I didnt read very much of this post past the first page, but thought I would share my experience with Calea Z. Last night I tried some Calea Z. extract. Leading up to this I hadn't taken any drugs apart from 2 grasses of wine. It was made that day with an acetone wash, the final product was similar looking to pressed kief. Smoked about a 6x3x3 chunk in water pipe before sleep. I found it very hard to get to sleep, and when I did speel it was light and intermittent. No dreams, though I feel fine today after a good sleep-in!
  12. Thegribbs

    ebay madness

    Bahahaha! Looks like a prickly pear. Probably hoping to rip some sucker off.
  13. Correct me if im wrong, but wouldn't it be near impossible for even a very experienced poppy grower to identify particular strains of P. somniferum? I don't have much experience with them yet but from what I've read there has been alot of interbreeding, much in the same was as cacti. And then theres taking into acount the variable traits of each strain, as waterboy said.