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    Sharing an experience

    Thanks Thunder, I totally agree with that... open eyed visuals are beautiful and amazing, but it sort of stops there. Further on from that is a whole experience, going to different places, splitting into multiple entities, etc... I think The Dude made a similar comment about this in another thread recently. I really don't know. I dreamed that I ate what was in the bag, deliberately choosing a bag not from my usual patch. I haven't weighed or counted that particular bag since I picked them at the start of May. Could've been 3g, could have been more. I think I know what you mean by this too. I find tilting my head, especially with eyes open, seems to create multiple horizons that are independent of each other. Things that would normally appear 2d in your vision will bend toward you and backwards towards infinity. This time was a bit different for me though. With closed eyes, everything was happening separate from me. It's sort of hard to describe, but it really felt like I was excluded from my own experience. Thanks for reading and your input.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Good read, Hutch, although I found the author's arrogance about the uniqueness of her experience a bit off-putting.
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    Any Classical Pianists here

    No problemo Keep us updated if you do.
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    Any Classical Pianists here

    Hiya VelvetSiren, I've had a play through. I liked the vibe of it. Personally, I would have liked a little more rhythmic variation and perhaps some modulation, but I get the feeling that the lack of such is what you were aiming for artistically, based on your original post. You've certainly caught that asian feel. There were a few points where I really wanted to play F#s instead of the written Fs, particularly towards the end of the piece, umm... bar 29 for example, but after a couple of play-throughs, I found the F natural to sound "right". From a playing perspective, how are you intending those seventh + octave chords to be played? I found myself playing the seventh in my left hand and doubling the octave with my right. Felt a little odd, but I haven't met anyone who can quite make that stretch. I liked the change in time signature and I particularly liked the section at the top of the fourth page. From a harmonic viewpoint, I didn't like bar 11. Almost all the chords in the rest of the piece were cluster type chords and bar 11 seemed to stand out as harmonically weak. I think because the three chords are really only 2 note chords, doubled. Instead of just running parallel, perhaps you could explore some different voicing in the last of the three chords. Also, if this type of chord were repeated elsewhere in the piece, it would sit more comfortably in the bigger picture. All in all, nice feel. As I was playing, I could hear Asian flutes and Geishas playing their plucky lyre things next to me in the living room (unfortunately, when I turned around the Geisha was gone). My only real criticism is the harmony at bar 11 I mentioned above. Thanks for sharing.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Man, I can totally relate to this. Thankfully, I haven't felt this way in a long, long time. I remember I used to walk home each day across a bridge over my local creek. I was sure that if I climbed over the edge I would fall through the earth and keep falling, passing through the mass of the planet and eventually come out the other side and fall for eternity through space. Thankfully, I never actually tested the theory because in hindsight, I probably would have ended up a crumpled mess on the rocks below. Having said that... who knows, maybe I would have passed through the earth. At the same time, I felt that it was likely that I was living out a dream from a coma state. I kept trying to remember the accident I'd had that had put me into a coma in the first place so that I could wake up and see reality. Needless to say, I never woke up so either I didn't have the accident or I'm still in the coma now. Man, my only advice is don't test these theories out. What I said in my last post was irresponsible. I can see you're having a bit of a hard time with this stuff at the moment and just keep in mind that your life (whatever it is, be it dream, reality, illusion, deception) is precious. Sometimes it can feel like we're on the brink of insanity, sometimes it can feel like we're that close to cracking through the illusion. This life, this illusion, this dream is here to stay. Embrace it. There will come a time when it naturally ends and, hopefully, we'll finally then know the truth. Until that time.... ?
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    Double Rainbows on Acid

    OK, I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification, Bread Filter. Still funny. What an awesome dude.
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    Double Rainbows on Acid

    Gotta be on drugs. "It's so intense, I don't know what it means" cries, crying morphs into laughter "What does it mean? Help me"
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    Thank you, Fydesvindico. Excellent and most helpful.
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    Through the Wormhole

    "I think I'm thinking, therefore I might possibly be" (from Red Dwarf)
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    Double Rainbows on Acid

    Ha ha ha.. I've seen the original before and laughed my ass off at that, but the remix took it to a whole new place. Nice.
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    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    Yeah, not herbs.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Ha ha... I'd be tempted to test that theory out. To be truthful, I can actually relate to that sort of pattern. Some years back I just about convinced myself that I didn't exist. Realized that in the big scheme of things, my actions had no consequences. Oh, what a glorious time. ... 12 months later, the debt collectors successfully convinced me otherwise.
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    sacrifice (and LOL at Meanies' post above)
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    Programmable robot strippers in every household, personal one-seater helicopters for every man, woman and child and machines that turn carbon-dioxide into breathable air so we can get rid of all them pesky trees.
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    Removing and cutting down acacias

    I think the better thing to do is to grow your own from seed, have the patience to let it get to a good size and then chop it down. It doesn't quite answer your question, but you also have to ask the question how do you feel ethically chopping down trees from their native habitat for your own tryptamine needs. I personally couldn't do it. As such, I personally have a long time to wait before anything I've planted is ready to harvest... cest la vie. I have a friend who once went out on an acacia mission, found the tree he wanted, chopped it down and felt terribly guilty for a long time afterwards. Just something to think about.
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    Attention Camera Nerds....

    I've also been inspired by Lord Mayo's shots and have found myself thinking about getting a new camera. I don't expect to churn out photos quite of that calibre, but I'm at a stage of my life where I'm more interested in taking photos than ever before and my cheap digital and the camera on my phone don't cut it anymore. One camera I've been looking at is the Pentax K-x, around the $600 mark (plus lenses). Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but I thought it was relevant to ask if anyone has experience with these. It's a bit dearer than what you're asking about, Vual, but it seems we're both on a similar mission.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Care to expand?
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    I'm a big fan of Damiana tea. It's subtle, don't expect too much. I find that it's useful as a standard to strongish tea after a stressful day at the office. It seems to work for me, just makes it that little bit easier to unwind. Subtle is the key word for me with Damiana tea.
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    Any Classical Pianists here

    I'd be happy to offer some feedback. I play jazz more than anything these days, but still dig on the classical side. What format is your music in? Pdf is great as I haven't got Sibelius installed on my computer at home. Feel free to shoot something through via PM.
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    Proof you can't trust Labor on the net filter...

    Eurgh. That's bloody scary talk.
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    homo erection
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