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  1. Dodie

    Eileen sns

    Just put up an eileen for auction on sns, I will try to upload a picture, but ma dang intermanet is sllllooooowww
  2. Dodie

    Opeth Australian Tour 2008

    Seeing them play tonight at The Arena :D Shall be good Who supported them?
  3. Dodie

    Bris Meet

  4. Dodie


    I wouldn't call any snake aggressive, defensive yeah but not aggressive. If you've got one bailed up in the corner and your flapping your arms around it's head it will take it as a threat and take a snap. If your a few meters away just standing there your fine.
  5. Dodie


    Beautiful olive python, perfect camo if it wasn't pulling a wallaby out of the water Adders are stunning in the flesh, they come in the most diverse and amazing colours (which snakes don't though ;))
  6. Dodie


    Your right Andy, I sorta meant fastest Australian snake Mamba's can get up to 12mph, which is still slower than us human folk. Yeah there are unfortunately a lot of bs stories about snakes that just make more people fear them. I read an article a couple of weeks ago about a few people that were hanging out when all of a sudden out of the bushes burts a eastern brown. It 'went' for the people and a guy managed to grab it by it's tail and throw it onto the road just when a truck ran over it. They showed a picture and there was a nice big dead water python. Damn rednecks and their bs.
  7. Dodie


    Phosphene the snake would no doubt still be around (unless it's been eaten) snakes don't wander too much. Females having a radius of around 1/2 acre and males around an acre so they can find the girls. Small and young snakes are very timid, they are an easy prey item for a bird and such so they will just about always hide. You may never see the snake again but it'll be around somewhere if still alive.
  8. Dodie


    Snakes don't chase people down. I think the fastest land speed for a snake (native I believe) is 11kph, fastest human is nearly 40kph. You can outrun any snake easy as pie. Most snakes don't have the best of vision, if you were to stand completely still they will not see you as a threat. Just another tree to them. I would try the snap traps before rat baits Thunder, if a snake swallows a rat that's been baited it will die too.
  9. Dodie


    Remember colour has little to do with snake ID, seen really yellow western browns before. Juvenile browns just about always have a dark mark on their head usually followed by a banding. If you could show a pic that would help a hell of a lot. Could even be a Brown tree snake..not overly dangerous unless you have allergies. You mention the snake was 4ft up? Browns rarely climb, they are more of a ground dwelling species. It is best for the snake to be left where it is. If it gets relocated you will be putting another snake out somewhere, the snake that gets relocated might get the food source but it will push another snake out. First thing to do if bitten is bandage it, preferably with 2-3 crepe bandages. If non available use a shirt or something. Take off all items of jewellery, they can act as a tourniquet and can lose a body part if swelling occurs. Splint the limb and immobilise. If bitten on the arm put it in a sling. Also mark on the bandages where the snake bit you. Never wash the bite site, docs can swab the bite and tell which type of snake bit you. When in hospital never let them take of the bandages unless you are on a drip and have a vial of antivenen sitting there. They should only cut away where you marked the bite site to tell what snake bit you first. After they have an ID they should take off 1 bandage only and wait an hour for symptons to arise. Then take another off, wait. Then the last one. If they go to take off the bandages too quickly it will shoot the venom through your body fairly quickly as the bandages will make it build up pressure. Have to remember that most doctors don't treat snake bites as it's a fairly uncommon thing. They can make mistakes. Be scared if they reach for the textbook. Actually don't panic it will make the venom travel faster We have venomous snakes devance not poisionous
  10. Dodie

    Exotic animals

    Spiders and scorpians are pretty boring apparantley, but I must admit I love the look of them.. this place stocks a fair few natives http://www.thegreenscorpion.com.au/showcats.toy?aid=44068 You can't keep any exotic reptiles which is great, but that still hasn't stopped them from coming over. If it's OMPV that you are talking about Naja our natives also can carry it. Always have a clean enclosure and you should be right, I use a veterinary disinfectant that's called F10, will get rid of anything. If you want a cool aussie reptile with personality get a bearded dragon. In NT, SA and VIC you can keep crocs.
  11. Dodie

    The Right Brain vs Left Brain

    Stare at the reflection of the foot for awhile and then follow it back up the body. I can normally get it to stay on the other direction for awhile. Normally clockwise for me though
  12. Dodie

    Ethno BBQ 03/11/07

    I might be able to make it to this..got that weekend off work :D It'd be good to see some faces again
  13. Dodie

    bird-eating-spider care

    http://www.thegreenscorpion.com.au/showcon.toy?cid=44355 There's a good care sheet for tarantula's jono.
  14. Dodie

    Buying a bike

    Kawasaki Zxr250's are pretty good (I'm a bit bias though ;)) From memory they have a 17 litre tank with 3 of those being reserve, they do about 220k's to a tank on the highway (14litres) Rev to 19500, and have seen mine do 210kph at redline, quite a quick bike for a 250. Be sure to add other expenses on top, keep in mind tyres are around $200 a pop and always buy good saftey gear, don't skimp on the most important part/s! A good piece of advice from a friend once said "When riding pretend cars are out to get you" Always be on alert, It doesn't take much to come off.
  15. Dodie

    Seed Comp!!!

    Big 28mm Small 23mm ;)