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  1. teonanacatl
    This is a picture of my setup, the shelves are 150cmx60cmx180cm and there are 5 shelves which equals 4 growing shelves
    The bottom two shelves are for peres (one isnt uncovered in the pic), they fit 6 trays and a tray holds 48 peres therefore 288 peres per shelf :D The top two shelves are for seedlings, as you can see I have not planted many yet as Im still running test batches to see if its ok to grow under. They are covered with panda film to reflect the light but this also raises the temp to over 40 celcius. The peres are under 4x 36 watt cool white and the lophs under 2.

    These are my peres for grafting onto, ones in middle are 30cm+.

    This is my humidity chamber where I keep the grafts for upto a week after grafting.

    And these are my stock peres plants.

  2. teonanacatl
    The Pereskiopsis grafting competition is being held over at Ethnobotany Australia and anyone is welcome to enter. I figured this feature would be a great way of keeping track of how the grafts are doing so enjoy.....