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  1. yeah coloured flesh can be tricky... I remember when I first tried to graft off a ario kotso graft, gifted to me and it was purple inside and I threw it away thinking it had rotted, lol!
  2. mutant

    Stenocactus thread

    http://www.cactus-art.biz/schede/ECHINOFOSSULOCACTUS/Echinofossulocactus_wippermannii/Echinofossulocactus_wippermannii/Echinofossulocactus_wippermannii.htm it seems wippermanii is synonym with crispatus ;) cactus art seems to have fucked up the names though, as it also feats non S.lamellosus specimens as also synonyms with crispatus.. I had bought some specimens of cactus art which were mislabeled too...
  3. mutant

    Stenocactus thread

    This not so well known genus is one of my faves and it might be The fave if I did not deslike the #1 fave attitude, since I love so many kinds of plants in different wayz. lol They used to call them Echinofossulatus, but I think this name sucks 'Stenocactus' means 'narrow cactus' and indeed Stenocacti have characteristic narrow and wavy ribs, some times over 50 of them which is pretty unlike other cacti and most of the times this is more or less visible on the cactus surface. This makes them pretty distinguishable as for their genus and if you read up a bit, you will know when you see one. So Stenocacti deserve to be more well known, as well as having their own thread. Additionally, for the freeks that tend to crowd fora like this, a trivia info / tip, is that given the flower shape and slow, spherical at first, elongated later body shape, there is a small possibility they might be able to cross with some turbinicapri with similar flower shapes. http://postimage.org/'> http://postimage.org/'> http://postimage.org/'> http://postimage.org/image/kadmp0xhb/'> Stenocacti are known to have hybridised widely in cultivation, probably in nature too, and often, if not almost always is its difficult to tell different species. The Sagittarius in me always saw this as more of a positive thing, rather than a bad thing. Because if you can spot un-named stenocacti cheap, you needn't buy them at 3 times the price as named stenocacti that 70% of the times will be the wrong phenotype from what you expected anywayz. But its more than this. This is genus is indeed varied but sometimes you got a plant that fits a species, well pretty much, like S. lamellosus family, [grows faster, tend to be more elongated than spherical early on, has awesome and pretty biggy carmine coloured flower , distinct from other white purple striped ones . S. multicostatus is also sought after as it has the largest number of ribs, and prettey sparce and relatively weak spination reaveling its ribs- often some the most handsome Stenocacti, irregardless the flowers, are those that the body surface ribs, so characteristic in the genus are prominent by the lack of spination or their sheer number alone [multicostatus is reported to have upt o120 ribs!] So the multicostatus gene is perhaps seen in specimens with sparce spination and large number of ribs. If you ask me, get those specimens and make plants from their seeds. It might be the key species to the genus beauty. Moreover, if you you like the taxonomy and identification game, Stenocacti offer a wide range of characteristics, always maintaining the spherical shape and flower shape and style - the strip in the petals, which is common to some turbinis btw. What is interesting is that , like with turbinicarpus, there are some species that produce smaller flowers. Also some have so dense spination and/or fluffy areoles that the body is hidden. other varied characteristics include awesome variety of spines: from transparent radials to blackish, to yellowish, some times softer, almost papery, other times hard and solid, wide and - blade like most of the times , but with a variety of peripheral or more needle like , sometimes they are pretty long, in general a very pretty genus phenotype. They got beautiful flowers too - and they often flower twice a year! [ like Turbinicarpi] what more could a cactus lover expect from a tiny plant? - well you understand why indeed its a valid question to woner if they indeed hybridise with Turbs. Especially when they hybridise so well in species level themselves, which actually makes them wonderful to experiment with alone. Cheers
  4. mutant

    awesome greek music

    Ahhhh Kalymnos... a poor island, compared to most of its neighbouring islands.... Rumoured to feature some of the most traveled people (lots of immigrants to all the world) and some of the most crazy people... Am considering leaving, but its too early to tell... I might stay here and live the real thug life! Some doctor friend found an amazingly well paid job in oz, but his wife doesn't want to go, even for a year or so.. PS: greeks are everywhere, but you know, greeks are idiots... If I ever came to oz, it would be for you people!
  5. mutant

    awesome greek music

    its okey I guess.. I am considering leaving , lol!
  6. The title and poll says it all. you might find it funny or weird for me, but I cannot deny I can see something more than coincidences in regards with zodiac signs. I also cannot deny I tend to search more about zodiac signs and try to find out their validity when I am interested in a girl. I mean, really interested. What interests me most is the psychological profile of the signs, I mean the general characteristics of the signs, and not a yearly, monthly, weekly prediction/consultation stuffs, of course. It's just , in some people and especially in some signs, that the coincidences are too much. So, what is your sign of the Zodiac? I am an Archer.
  7. mutant

    Stenocactus thread

    maybe crispatus X lammelosus, really this could even be a f7 cross with multiple species as contributors...
  8. mutant

    Stenocactus thread

    you can pride on the fact you got a steno with little spines so the body shows and its a beauty in that way! the most astonishing factor IMO with the bofdy pheno of stenos is when you realise how many actual ribs its got... the less/ sparcer the spination, the most evident the body is... but then again, stenos have got such an array of beautiful , different spines!
  9. mutant

    Stenocactus thread

    well according to some book I am inclined to trust, which describes several species of Stenos, Stenos in horticulture are hybridised... you species looks like some specimens I have grown and I would place them in the status of Stenocactus cf crispatus... most of the times you need to grow out the specimen more, then be able to describe or try to, yr specimen its definately not multicostatus, it needs certain flowers and more than a lot ribs ! I should scan and share those notes at some time, an english book from a UK expert
  10. or maybe I should get a cat and a tattoo of a cat: I have been deciding this for over 7 years!!
  11. mutant

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    yep their dormant and was thinking about what doing with them... I will "dig\em'up" them all - suspect mealies on the roots so it might not be very pretty I intend to offer a couple pics when'there's something nice will do this soon though.... I suppose the ones in the tray died, no???? lets wait for next automn... dunno how much I am willing for some real automn mushroom hunt in the woods! PS: always strange to have opposite climates/hemispheres, but it adds a cerain supence, no??? you scorpio freak, more than any, I trust you more, as I already had a scorpio girlfriend... I know your projects are not game, they're aimed and deeply motivated, usually.. in the archetypical sco....
  12. I really doing thing the wrong way for some time but yeah I have, I need some way to get through... but its more social than anything, while i might have turnt to an antisocial, well , more antisocial as I were think I should call that mate of mine....
  13. Did you notice what she did? she did me a free psychanalysis which I can read over and over these days ,,, should tell ya thing before I go on babling about whatever... yeah it kind of fits... within these last 2 weeks I had a great fight (again in these last 2-3 years) with an old friend. we also did this variably intense dilaogue with friend (too complicated to really narrate) but it really started with me insulted by her saying I dont have emotional intelligence, lol... (and I even mentioned Leo to her, as she understand astrology) to tell her how I was insulted... 3 days after? I am full of ideas arguements, well somethings start things! luv chaos!! At some point I told her I am not like other leos that take pride, are insulted but just dont show it! I told her I am a sagi, and if I am pissed off, which happens rarely, I wont get a straight face easily, so dont bug me more and that stuff... (they were trying both to sweeten me up) LUCKILY then she got into a thing with something her ex said, my only sagi friend, and she was "insulted" or what it something I created with my non existing emotional intelligence? so I manipulated the situation .... to and even blackmailed her tell her, so you wanna go do this further, to see how emotional "insult" gets? [point being was that she thought the sense of insult was not an emotional thing, but rathre a logical] btw she is a happy Aries/Taurus sun hybrid with a colourfoul natal chart and with 2 Leo parents, so she know whats Leo pride... even the pride that is hidden,..... well I am a sagix2 so I dont ALWAYS hide it... my pride.... we sagis are egoists alright, sure, how else could you be fucken optimist bozo? depending on the wonderful society, mankind, social justice?? no fuckers, optimism is Jupiter and sagitarrians... its an astrological coincidence! and to make you thing its 9th house and philosophies and shit.... we are are really the center of luck , thus hope. us Jupitarians! Listen to what the fuck we say! 3 days after? I am full of ideas arguements, well somethings start things! luv chaos!! whats really emotional intelligence???? my emotional intelligence might not really be as tight as the logical one, but really, now many kinds of intelligence are there?? sure my emotional intelligence was disturbed, but I kind of retrieved it! (kind of) I was not fucked in the ass though, I was just born from a cold and hurt mother never saw my parents kiss, dont remember them do this..... dont rememeber never them doing wooochy-woochy stuff ... not never... no wonder my first real tender emoitions came in interactions with cats! cats are so easily physical...!! we should be like cats!!
  14. very interesting and thanks.. TI you flatter me... expert in the combo? OK, yeah If I manage to have eaten something or more, If I am really eaten up, I can beat any mother fucker in the local league... I can certainly beat most nowadays with empty stomach but so what? SO, IN other sobering up 3rd synergy to the beer-bot combo, especially when I had no more beer (put 3-4 mushrooms in some wine and let it sip, then let it be my last drink of the night) I have managed to experiment and maybe misuse powerful teaching material in a cheap way, as I was so lucky, blessed by some spirit, maybe that of Jupiter conjunct with Mars in 9th House, me being a SagiXSagi - so I used lots of that eaching material, knowing I was wasting it, especially when redosing in low doses for hours , and I notably did this in parties of every kind with the only sagi friend of mine, it really ruled, we had fun EVERY TIME... we used it in some stupid "psychedelic coke" way, low doses, 1~5 mushrooms , or 2-3 muchrooms every hour or so, in an alcoholic party situation. this low dose thing, despite it doesnt really agree iwth alcohol, it surely relieves hangover symptoms, in contrast to the occsaion you didnt ate the shroomiez. It can really shine if there's a crowd involved, in a beach party / where you can consciously give 2-3 mushrooms to each willing interested fellow raver (you know the average content only of a familiar material, and that's what you MIGHT give away , to dancers around the party that YOU must judge they would take it and love it, and simultaneusly be sure that those that who wouldn't take it wouldnt take much, which would be the average portion "given away".... thing is you have to judge faces when you are doing this, remember you are definately not giving away psychedelic doses, only portions , usually some 1/8 ~ 1/6 of a the supposed full dose of the said strain.... I would be talking bohemicas hier with 1-3 then another 2-3 , maybe another round if there's more - but you, know, judging with each species/strain which implies you have to have tested them after all you're give low doses to persons you just met .... to EACH that , and no MORE.... now if a couple come after after a while you might give them a bit more.... redosing at low and then mid doses might be wasteful and stupid, but it could get you really psychedelated eventually , its somewhat surprising , then strange and often dark, when you find out you took too much of the shit to supposedly settle down, eat and sleep , and now you're in a semi-trip , thinking somewhat strangle and darkish, and maybe that yr wasting psilo-bandwidth and tolerance..... ... this happened to me a couple times, not real trips, not really dark, but bluish , interesting , some times fun, some times very experimental and always no real suprises! dunno if woodearz are more teacher , blue visio - or stricter wtf, but I only know woodlovers and they treat me fine as I treat them with respect (excluding the occsaional abuse of the divine material) : consider the dose to be starting from 0,5-07. grams more recently (some year ago?) in an alcoholic-pot-mdpv-psylocyblin night (awesome night!) , ending up to a club playin techno-house , where I proceeded to give away my years (remaining) stash of local found magic ones to the owner, DJ, crew and the most dancers that were getting in to the thing... (even got back home to get the rest with a fellow dancer) and everyone interested .... I rocked on while enjoying free drinks... I was fucking so drunk when they invided me to an after party, but I was really a corpse , too bad i missed that ... CHILLIZ>>>>>>>> TI, synergies are magic.... it certainly happens... but it happens when you overDO it, when you take / eat more than you aimed for I still eat it in food dont play the badass to see how much I take, well not yet but when you get really hot and sweaty, and you had been really drunk and stoned before, its really something how you seem to straighten up or kind of sober up , but not really sober up, like leveling up, calibrating, in a way you are ready for sleep afterwards.... and it really helps is hot summers , y'know...... chilli peppers are a natural self-cooling concept.... no need for fans (avoid them due to mysceletical problems - plus I can take heat ) and all-heartily dont agree with airconditioning, or it doesnt agree with me... even if you hadn't really enought to eat, if you fire it up, it will come a satisfying in the end... IME, the state of mind really changes if you eat so much as to slightly challenge current tolerance,,, it changes in sober state of minds, so why wouldn't it in a much more compicated inebriated situation + spiced up food . ciao and spice it up!
  15. Some friend of mine that actually got me into peppers says that when he is drunk or stoned, or even better both, there is a great synergy with chillis.... something like a sobering effect (at first) , but not really... In the past he said he used small doses of ypsiloncybin to round and conclude the drinking and smoking he is now saying chillis work best in the food without no psychoactive effects but he sure notes the psychoactivity in chillies and humanz interaction ===== So chilli / capsaicin synergy, any cool stories?
  16. I know I am being stupid... maybe some sagis might know why and how my natal chart is a concentration of fire signs... I thought 2xsagi, like me feels just like the ultimate sagi, but there's no ultimate sagi ! scorpio, pisces, virgo are the elements that straight me up... kind of... dont have no sagi friends... most friends (gemini and aquariuMM) say sagittarians are jerks... well not all of us are ATAVISTS, there's us real egoist but real passionate and idealistic sorry for my rambling,. blame it on some sun-moon opposition today>? I dont dare to dee
  17. astrology is about knowing who we are and why, between others.... an old tool , its a tool no? a technique is what I see astrology as... well I am quite drunk now to say something to the point about prog. astrology... boggy yr right a some sense of it, you got a base in yr arguement.... cant doit now though but I am sure Boggy, my governor will bring you luck. not only for the 24 years, now... knowing who we are , where we come from is the MOST IMPORTANT SHIT IN PHILOSOPHY self-knowledge.... ancient greeks talked about that stuff I guess they had figured out we are all individuals so its important to find out what it is that it is our own and our way and what not philosophy is not like that egoist and liar Nitsche was about Stirnerists will always defend egoism communists collectivism and state-economy Liberals will still say their own shit and so on... even anarchists will be the same shit as they were Maybe bog frog, you could do me some progressive readings?? me patras, Greece , 8 dec 1979, 06.45 well we can do little progressive astrology live.... what I want? no relationship with no female, just a fuck now that's a question.... well that was exactly the way my life was going , almost all the way, almost now even.... always everything was fucking fine, except one thing, but except that one thing, everythings was fine the thing is I really dont give a damn.... right now, except from a fuck, I have no real needs that are beyond me I wouldn't know what I want because I dont want anything my vessel was privileged to have physical abilities that I never trained... but family also put care , honesty, education I was always so curious.. I really should go to see a psychologist.... but I somehow seem to see the vessel as a toy with a Pavlov reflect . me playing the pavlov experiment that is .. (sun conjunct neptune, mercury in 12th and full fire) ============= reading about the sagitarian optimism should give you a first scope of what LUCK really is... if you expecting some nice surprises for 2x12 Jupiter passing... well... prepare it! what you said about progressive astrology reminded of my avoidance in years to have a real psychedelic experience... it was years ago, I believe it was 2009, when I first drove a US dricjkadgii Maybe I am avoiding something, dunno, but I really dont have spiritually rich people like you by me to really talk about it... Plus I always like to have a sitter for me, even though I have thought (years now) about me taking an experience down alone, with not people to share and talk to about and all,..... dunno.... I am realistic enough though to see I am already deep into the core of everything 20+ months on some of the most powerful cannabis strains on the planet is certainly something, no? I know I would like to see what the "spirits" would have to say, and I am afraid of the spirits a bit especially as I have extensively use wild dried "teacher" material as a form of a natural stimulant and dis-inebriant. But It's not easy for me to tell a friend of mine, even though I know he will be the perfect sitter and friend, to come and do this for me, I am thining maybe I am too much of an egoist to even ask a friend to be a sitter? I am not complaining, I deserve this... I am not even alone, I just , sometimes prefer my routine over socialising.. but as they say sagi's are alway positive yuo cant keep then on the down for long... My X got this soon enough she said, seeming to realise how much of a kid mentality I have " I will die and you will be happy , soon enough, will forget and go on..." saying it like she was sure about this.... maybe she predicted something, we were certainly NOT going straight with her...
  18. mutant

    Eulychnia castane

    why say so?? its a crest alright and a beauty! yr project was super succesful! remember we have to grow these fuckers long enough to tell their habits. I cut a branch that is dividing and and will try to root... this cactus forms, seemingly a weak root system..
  19. aquarius the last mystery that's gonna be solved... by sagi-scoprio detectives like me.. man you have no idea of what I look like... and to whom (not why)
  20. shitty reasoning behind the pcp... besides pcp is too rare to even bother... anesthetics could never be like sagitarius... stupid... they got meth and ritalin AND aderall ?? and capricorn gets ritalin? bollocks sagis should hav got mescaline and capricorns wine ... i thought leo, scorpio and aries were ok though...
  21. depends on the pup... I recently spotted a new pup in my Ariocarpus agavoides... yeah it rulez other amazing moments include sprouting of rare seeds, successful grafts, rooting a slow grower, seeing a flower for a first time and much more!
  22. mutant

    Comedy / comedians

    did we mention Bill Muray and the wonderfully funny and sweet Groundhog day ?
  23. another thought I should add.. if some natal charts are lucky, like mine and some others are unlucky, then maybe the whole progressive astrology thing is fairer for all the people who dont have so lucky charts, maybe.... every 12 years, my governor and ruler of sagi, Jupiter, passes from the point it was when you were born.. so at 12 years, at 24, at 36, people who are into progressive astrology read a great opportunity, a frame of good luck and good omens, caused by the luck-bringer Jupiter... Maybe its fairer this way, since people with no sagi/9th house/jupiter activity would have no luck at all were it be only for the natal chart.....
  24. hey boggy why would I object to someone researching and finding some merit in progressive astrology? If you ask me its a matter of interests, scope, strategy what one whats to use astrology for. As far as my stance towards progressive astrology is concerned, its not simply I dont believe it or that I am just being more sceptic towards it, but it's rather an aesthetic and philosophical choice. I admit some nights when sun is opposite moon (I got sun trine moon in the natal) things might get wild.. especially when I start drinking 40% alcohol which I havent done in years. So its not I dont believe, as it is I choose not to get into it. I have looked the sky a couple times searching for some explanation for a wild previous night... and didn't like the fact I did it. The thing is I got into this (astrology) to understand the nature of human behaviour better... Despite the prophecy nature of the natal chart, it still is largely a psychological tool and pointing out the lifelong tendencies... progressive astrology on the other hand tends to make a prophecy for each new day and my free nature as a Sagi simply cannot accept it neither as a strategy to live ones life nor I find it philosophically appealing. Let me get to simply one of the best and most known examples of progressive astrology that helps my point.. mercury retrograde is about 75 days a year... in 3 phases... we are supposed to postpone certain activities while mercury is retro and prefer some other activities... ?? FUCK THAT.. on the other hand, I still remember when one full moon got me, many years ago, before I had any idea about astrology.. it was a wonderful and peaceful night and the wonder was shouting through that bright moon, when my mates got to sleep early, while I stayed up by the fire till the dawn while slowly eating and enjoying immensely the fire-baked potatos. That was my first indication that moon can effect people, something I was sceptical about before, even though I did not realise until the next days.. Of course back then I had no idea that this was actually ... astrology.. So all in all, progressive astrology might be useful to some (is much more difficult to read and study, and perhaps as easy to oversimplify as natal astrology) but not to me: I dont know what I could do with it Ironically , people who learn I am into astrology ALWAYS ask stuff that only progressive astrology can answer, few of them are actually interested in personality astrology (natal) well people are people! peace PS: I find it amusing that many people believe that people are affected my the moon cycle, while disbelieving in astrology
  25. rocks work wonders when repotting, but when a tricho gets rootbound the roots push the pot and the column leans, rootball slides..