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  1. I didn't want to post this straight away in the Seed and Plant Exchange due to limited seed - but here's a seed giveaway combined with a picture thread - if you want to grow any or all of these shoot me a PM with your addy and I'll try and get these seeds out to you. The T. bridgesii v "SS02" x T. pachanoi v. "Mel/vin is seed grown by my friend Mel/vin and given to me years ago - the plant in the pics is the parent plant - longer spines like SS02 but grows a bit fatter like pachanoi. A strangely beautiful and thoroughly groovy plant. The T. peruvianus monstrose (TPM) waffles between regular and monstrose growth, but the monstrose is dominant - columns start out normal and then get super weird - and the freakish qualities certainly came through the other time it was crossed - fortunately this year I have it in more crosses, and got more seed total The T. peruvianus cristata (TPC) is a new addition to the hybrid pool - large freakish peruvianus cristata - even the flower was mutant - I crossed the single fruit with Juules, SS02, and (SS02 x pachanoi) - basically I hit it with all three of those hoping one would take - the seedlings may be any one of those three fathers or a mix of them - I hit it with Juules first, then SS02 a few hours later, and then (SS02 x pachanoi) a few hours after that - maybe Juules got through the most? Who knows.. N1 is a bridgesii that is excellent in all the ways that matter - one of my fav plants and I'm totally stoked about the Psycho0 x N1 cross - those should be some seriously beautiful and badass bridgesii seedlings - probably fatter and longer spined than typical bridgesii as well, based on the parents.. The T. pachanoi "quasi-cristata" (TPQC) is a non-PC pachanoi type that grew crested after an apparent snail attack - maybe it is genetic in there somewhere and the snail attack caused it to come out, or maybe it is purely from the infection - regardless its a beautiful pachanoi though I haven't taken good care of it these past couple years.. T. bridgesii "Psycho0" is, well, Psycho0, and was sent to me by PD a few years ago - strong work m8! Here's the crosses: TPM x N1 TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi v. "Mel/vin") Mel/vin x TPM Psycho0 x N1 Psycho0 x TPM TPQC x TPM N1 x TPQC TPC x Juules, SS02, & Mel/vin Mel/vin x TPC TPM: TPQC: Psycho0: N1: SS02 x pachanoi: TPC: cheers!
  2. I have growing now 3 different cuttings of Eileen, and have seen many other pics.. It seems to me that Eileen is a fairly typical bridgesii, its appearance is quite similar to other strains, of which I have 10+ growing.. All clones have their own unique look, of course, and the clones I grow I have selected for their appearance and potency (tested by either bioassay or lick test).. Eileen compares favorably, it is an attractive clone, but no more so than many of the others.. Per the perceived size and girth of Eileen - When Eileen cuttings put out pups, these pups turn into columns that aren't really any thicker than pups off most any other clone. I think the reason people associate Eileen with great thickness is because the batch of cuttings that went around were taken off Ed's huge mother plant which had been growing in the ground for many years. I suspect many or most bridgesii clones, if planted in the ground and left to grow for a decade, would get nice and fat as well.. Comparing pics of that plant to pics of other mature bridgesii (such as in pics of Bolivia etc), Eileen looks about like the other ones as far as thickness goes.. Also, while it is robust in growth, it is no more so than several other bridgesii I have growing.. It is not overrun with the black rot, but also not impervious - I have seen the black pus bubbles form on Eileen also.. It is also no more bitter, and actually less bitter than a couple other un-named clones bought in the USA.. I have not bio-assayed it yet, but I am going predict that 2% alkaloid is fairly common among bridgesii, and that Eileen is not remarkably potent compared to many other bridgesii.. I suspect that the reason Eileen is thought of as so potent is related to the age and size of the chunks people were consuming - eating a 1'x12"x4-5" thick chunk of any good bridgesii would be a quite strong experience, and all bridgesii (and San Pedro in general) are known for "magical" and "healing" type experiences.. The vast majority of bridgesii clones have not been tested or even bio-assayed, and we have never seen most or even many of these fully grown as we have seen with Eileen. I suspect that over time, as more un-named clones are tested, and more are grown to maturity, the Eileen clone will come to be seen as not so remarkable.. It is nevertheless a beautiful and good-growing cactus, and one of my favorites..
  3. Hey y'all! So this year I didn't make any crosses - however I saved a stock of my 2015 hybrids - carefully preserved in the freezer - and will make them available through Zelly this year. Zelly had an amazing year himself - his own TPM flowered and was successfully hybridized - so, happy cactus growing times are ahead - stay tuned!
  4. Wow man, those Validus x (SS02 x SS01) are freakin epic!
  5. Wow man, nice photos! Space forest..
  6. That's awesome - gonna have to grow out some validus crosses at some point.. Same with terscheckii
  7. nitrogen

    San pedro gone crazy

    You can take them as cuttings, but at that size it will take them forever and a day to root and grow into sizeable cacti - I would just leave all those pups on there and let them grow to like a foot each before cutting (if at all) - don't worry about it growing into itself, it will adjust it's growth angle etc
  8. nitrogen

    Cactus Hybrids from Interbeing's garden

    These are awesome! It's amazing how many epic hybrids are coming out of Interbeing's garden! I received some seed from his recently and these pics make me very excited to grow them out - once my residence is moved to a place that gets more light I'll be starting these hybrids out..
  9. I've participated in quite a number of aya ceremonies in the USA - from time to time people do completely lose it and have to be restrained and so forth - never seen someone become dangerous to others, but sometimes people are just super high and become dissociated and convinced that they are possessed by evil spirits, or paranoid that it is a conspiracy, or that they have been poisoned - that sort of thing. In these cases sometimes the person has to be taken to another room and potentially restrained until they come down a bit. Now, the important thing to know is that these "serious adverse events," like the stabbing death - they occur in a tiny fraction of a % of all the people who consume ayahuasca. When we compare those unfortunate outcomes with the reality that the vast majority of people experience enormous, often life-changing benefit, the overall picture is that the benefits of ayahuasca outweigh the risks by a spectacular margin. In the USA, 40% of ALL violent crime happens under the influence of alcohol. 75% of ALL domestic violence cases involve a drunk male. Now, just imagine if the media reported these events each time they happened!
  10. Yah my LJ crosses are still lagging behind.. TPM x SB and the reverse are doing awesome though.. -- Per letters not arriving - I mailed them to every person who PM'd me an addy. However, I know of one case where customs nabbed them for being E. scop rather than T. scop, which of course is absurd. So, they may not arrive for everyone, which is a pity. I will not personally be sending seed out to people whose package did not arrive. However in the big picture there are now an abundance of these seeds in the community, and I'll infuse them in various ways over time if need be - everyone will eventually have happy little mutant trichos trying to take over their gardens
  11. Yah hopefully they all come through - in the 2012 giveaway some Australian letters took weeks to arrive..
  12. Stoked they are all arriving! I decided to sow some of these crosses myself - realizing that I have a south facing window that gets several hours of sunlight each morning that, coupled with the warmth of indoors, should be just fine to get them started this winter. Sowed them up about 2 weeks ago - getting near 100% on all of them except with Lumberjackus as mother - those have been much slower to germinate - only a few have so far - curious to see if it's a seed viability issue or if they are just slow to germinate - the LJ motherplant received the same treatment as all the other cacti, though it flowered much later in the season than the others. Lol Zelly, very few people can read my writing! That is nice of you to suggest that folks send ol' nitro a xmas card or seeds and that sort of thing. Please though SABers, don't send me any currency - makes it feel like the seeds weren't a gift then..
  13. nitrogen

    Cactus Hybrids from Interbeing's garden

    Wow, the Fields x Roseii #1 and Psychonaut x Rosei are awesome! Likewise the Roseii 1 x Roseii 2 specimen above!
  14. Lol man my handwriting is atrocious - and gets worse all the time! Cubism I am deeply sorry for your loss re the underwear. I also want to apologize for any undue distress this caused as you shuffled your way back up the driveway, clutching your rear, attempting desperately (and unsuccessfully) to prevent the unsavory matter from spilling out the bottom of your shorts onto your sandal'd feet. I imagine this event has set things back a bit regarding the precarious peace between you and your neighbors..
  15. Hi there sagiXsagi - there are a number of pics of the TPC and TPM on the first page of this thread - and then some others on page 20. Lol, my TPC is now Zelly's TPC - it is growing in the ground over at his place and is doing awesome! So much healthier than when I had it in a pot + no sunshine + mealy bugs. It only flowered in 2012 though - had not before and has not since - it's putting on a bunch of vegetative growth right now so maybe it will do that for a bit before flowering..
  16. Glad these seeds are arriving safely! It warms my heart! USA recipients are a certainty, but anytime plants and seeds have to clear international customs issues can arise. That said though, I've not had a single package sent to Australia not get through, in all these years.. Per the mutation rate - all the TPM crosses that I've done since the initial TPM x SS02 cross (2008 I think it was?) have been with the same TPM plant, which I picked up many years ago at a small cactus nursery that has since gone out of business. I suspect there are different strains of TPM - my TPC is clearly different - it grows crested as well as monstrose, and looks different in other ways. I should probably give my TPM motherplant a name to distinguish it from what may be other strains of TPM that have and probably will produce hybrid seed. Let me think a bit regarding what to name the thing - how about either "Phenshine" or "SpheroStrato"? In previous years, the mutation rate seems to be about 50% for this TPM as mother, and 30%+ for this TPM as father.. Hard to say though - sometimes as the seedlings get bigger they develop monstrose pheno that wasn't apparent when younger..
  17. nitrogen


    Beautiful psychonaut m8!
  18. Awesome! It's so rewarding for me to see the beautiful specimens people grow from my seed giveaways - and in the case of the 2015 hybrids I'm not in a position to grow them myself at my own residence - just don't have the right conditions.. So, I'll live vicariously through others Might set them up with Zelly in his foster care situation - in fact, the Achuma Protection Agency (APA) would probably insist on it if they found me trying to grow these seeds out with zero hours of direct sunlight available at my apartment over the winter.. -- One thing I'll add - while I don't have an issue per se with people selling these seeds, or selling the resulting seedlings - I would encourage people to bring a generous spirit to such transactions.. To offer very favorable terms, less than what one "could" get.. To have the spirit of achuma in mind and spirit in such transactions.. I only bring this up because it was brought to my attention that there were some cases, after the 2012 hybrid seed giveaway, of seedlings being sold on Ebay within the USA for super high prices. Somebody or somebodies had grafted their seedlings and grown them into nice little mutant specimens, and was then trying to sell them for very high prices on Ebay. Lol, it's obviously pretty low and dishonorable to price gouge on something that was received as a gift - and most all of our community knows this. So, I mention it in case we see someone else selling these seedlings for high prices - if such behavior is observed on ebay or elsewhere, feel free to correct the other person however you see fit ;)
  19. Back a few years ago when my seed grown ecuadorian pachanoi flowered I want to say it was around 5-6 yrs old - likewise my 2 seed grown cuzcoensis plants were like 5-6 years old when they flowered.. Seems there's a couple strategies for flowering - if you put them in the ground they appear to need to get much bigger before they do so - this is Zelly's approach, who has a sort of Jurrassic-cereus Park situation going on at his house In contrast, most of my cacti have flowered in pots, and seem to do so more readily when they get rootbound, and not growing that fast - they are much smaller than Zelly's in general, but flower more than comparably sized plants that he has in the ground..
  20. Ok so I've sent the seeds out - will not be making up any other packages as it's been an enormous effort and the giveaway has been closed for awhile now. However, some 55 SAB people are receiving seeds, and some 40 of those people are in Oz. They will also potentially be available through a couple other members of SAB - one of them is Zelly, who has a few of the crosses available as add-ons to orders of his seeds.. Down the road I may make provisions to have more of these seeds distributed through other members, but for now I'm just going to kick back
  21. Alrighty everyone, the seeds are in the mail - woo! The seed code is as follows: 1. Lumberjackus x TPM 2. Psycho0 x TPM 3. Sharxx Blue x TPM 4. TPM x Sharxx Blue 5. TPM x Huarazensis 6. Lumberjackus x Sharxx Blue enjoy!
  22. Per the 2015 Seed giveaway - if you PM'd me your address and did not put a full name with the address please PM me again with a full name. It is amazing to me how many people didn't put a name, or just put a first name, or initials etc.. Think about it for a second - which type of people don't put their full name on their mail? Shady people with stuff to hide, that's who! "Normal" people put their name on their mail - and the post office people know this. Not putting your name on your mail is basically just like writing "Hey post office, I'm super paranoid and have something to hide!!" So, please PM me forthwith a full name I can use - otherwise I'm just going to make one up for you - because the post office people know me, and I don't want them wondering why all these recipients I'm sending stuff to are super paranoid about using their full name. Thanks!
  23. To clarify - me offering the additional seeds as add-ons to orders with Zelly isn't just for the people who didn't get in on the giveaway - if you are part of the giveaway you can also order seed from Zelly and can receive additional nitrogen seed.
  24. Just to clarify - if you PM'd me with your addy with regards to my seed giveaway I will be mailing you the hybrids (Btw the giveaway is closed). It is a lot of people, and I've spoken with Zelly about the way there are going to be more folks who won't get in on the giveaway who would like some of the seeds. So, once I've divided out the seeds for the giveaway and see what's left, the idea is that some of my seed can be included with certain types or quantities of purchases from Zelly..
  25. I think with N1 x TPQC it was the same as Psycho0 x N1 - these were potentially not going to be mutant offspring so perhaps weren't sown as much as the others.. I have a few of N1 x TPQC growing - 5 or so on pereskiopsis and one beautiful specimen that is now growing on its own roots - will post a pic later if I remember.. I have not seen any mutants with N1 x TPQC, which leads me to think the cresting in the TPQC resulted from environmental factors rather than genetic factors..