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  1. Electric? Depends where you live. For most of us, right now, it means burning coal. So that means particulate emissions, NOx, SOx, and CO. For every megawatt hour we burn about half a tonne of coal. Nuclear? What do you do with the waste, and the question is when will that waste come back to haunt us, or our descedants? Fossil fuels are dying. They are finite. The proof is in the rising cost. Years ago they weighed up the pros and cons of renewable fuels and the decision was made to go with fossil fuels, mainly due to availability and cost. ...or so they say. You also need to question where the world powers had their money invested. Things have now changed, the price of crude oil is increasing exponentially. We need to act. I believe the solution is in renewable fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. Less emissions, cleaner fuels. A crop can be grown and processed in a matter of months, not thousands of years. They can be grown without artificial fertilisers and the effort/fuel input can be self-sustaining if it is handled correctly. We just need to be smarter about how it's grown, and where. I agree that we shouldnt necessarily be replacing food crop for fuel crops, ...Although they are the same thing though arent they? A compromise can be found, as to whether we eat it or burn it.
  2. gnomad

    Syzygy Comp

    YIPPEEEEE Thanks Harry ! very cool indeed cheers mate.
  3. gnomad

    Couple of shroom pics (with freak shroom)

    Congrats to your gnome Soma, they look awesome ! ..That upside down mushroom is freaking me out Has anybody else seen this sort of thing before? Any explanations?
  4. gnomad

    Syzygy Comp

    What a champ ! Count me in too please
  5. gnomad

    TBM spine length

    I agree with tonic. Extremely variable in terms of spination. The spine length can be anywhere from about 1cm to 6cm, even on the same section.
  6. gnomad

    ID req'd for spiny friend

    A true genius, thanks Eg ! I did a google search for stetsonia coryne, ...they are otherwise known as the toothpick cactus, or argentinian toothpick. Very cool spiny little fellas indeed.
  7. Any thoughts on what this could be ? Thanks
  8. gnomad

    EBA Reborn

    Errrr,..... no more EBA then ?
  9. gnomad

    Bridgesii x Pach Seeds

    Yes please !
  10. gnomad

    MY FIRST- pup and graft.. UPDATED.

    Excellent work there bob-bob. Looking good !!!
  11. gnomad

    Another Fat T.Scop comp

    you work in production ?
  12. gnomad

    EBA Reborn

    Ever since EBA went down I had been checking the site almost every day to see if it was back. To hear that it wont be returning simply breaks my heart. The site was incredibly informative, and there was a great sense of community. Even as a newbie I felt comfortable there. I am in full support of bringing it back. Cant contribute technically but I can offer a little financial assistance if it makes any difference.
  13. gnomad

    online cacti nurseries

    You'll find most of what you need from the SAB shop, swapnsell site, herbalistics, plus many of the members here and at EBA.