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  1. wrinkled_dragons

    New babies ID help?

    Yeahh, so I AM learning lol, thankyou both so much!! (after searching at a baffling list of similiar looking cacti , I wasnt sure if I was or not!) Sincerely, Jennifer
  2. wrinkled_dragons

    New babies ID help?

    I have been lurking for about a week now after checking out a few forums focusing on the 'desert' aspect of enlightenment, and decided this one is definatly the most impressive as far as their knowlege of cacti and succulents are concerned. If somone can help me, I think mabey the one on the right is mabey a Gray Ghost ,Stenocereus pruinosus? Neither of these fellas were marked species wise, they just said variety cactus at the local mejers grocery store mixed in with the christmas cactus. (in the states) I also picked up an adorable little squat girl who is all lumpy and bright green with three tiny purplish straw like flowers long since dried up, but from which I can really see the difference in color by compairson with my two tall stickery boys. (she is much brighter cleaner green while these two are more dusty blue/green by compairson.) I notice the spines on the taller thinner guy are yellow, while the shorter heavier set fella are more brownish black, but the lighter spined boy I might 'guess' could be a blue columar,, but thats just a big guess on my part. Am I way off on my novice species guessing? I breed cats as a hobby now, but frankly with all the clean up and my natural collecting tendancy I can easily see how cactus would be simpler, but not nearly as cuddly haha.