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  1. Okie... so, whilst exploring some bush on a mates place, around 20km inland on the far south coast NSW, I came across two very odd-looking acacia... seemed to be a few of them; maybe found 5-10 individual plants for the first and quite common for the second. What sparked my interest in number 1, was the sheer SIZE of the phyllodes: 210 x 60 mm and very leathery. They have the typical A. Obtusifolia resin margin and are thick in a similar way, but just seem almost too large? With ID of A. Obtus saying only up to 23mm wide... The second, similarily have INCREDIBLY long phyllodes... measuring over 300mm for some, but only 20mm wide... Anyway, would love it if someone slightly better at plant ID could offer some suggestions? Cheers, Yp Ps. just realised I should probably add a little more info; inflorescences were cylindrical (although not flowering at this point, seems I missed it by a month or two, as still often dried remnants of the flower stalk). Didn’t have my camera with me, so no photos of the tree itself, but in the case of the first species the growth pattern was very similar to A. Obtusifolia down here - quite sparce, with relatively few phyllodes per branch. In the case of the second, much fuller, taller and generally more vigorous growth.
  2. Ypsilophora

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    @Enjaytee Thanks mate! would love to grab number four!
  3. Ypsilophora

    First subs of the season VIC. ANyone else lucky?

    found some earlier at the NSW border area... been wayyy to dry here recently I suspect though
  4. Ypsilophora

    Acacia seeds!

    Ah, oops... should probably specify that the more frost hardy the better!
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    Acacica Acuminata seeds wanted.

    + 1 to this... would also love to have a go at growing some... I hope that I'm not being rude or anything Northener
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    Slightly Shameful Kick Start

    Hey, new to this forum, and, truthfully to ethnobotany, and whilst I have relatively large amounts of experience when it comes to general plant-growing I have yet to properly venture into the realm of ethnobotanical cultivation. So, if anyone has any seed/seedling/cutting packs they think would help me along the way I would love a PM, and we can sort things out Hopefully one day soon I will be able to give back to this community more than I've taken. Thanks, Yp
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    Slightly Shameful Kick Start

    Just wanted to reiterate my thanks to the wonderful people that reached out to me... definitely helped me along the journey!
  8. Hey, first post I believe! just wondering if anyone could help me out with ID of this acacia located southern NSW... the acacia ID tool says most likely A. obtusifolia, but as I have no prior experience with this species I'm not 100%. Thanks for any help and thanks heaps for accepting me into this community!!!
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    Native Acacia of the Far South Coast

    Hey Glaukus, Thanks for the reply! Interesting about the crusty margins... have been very unsure about what people meant by having 'resinous margins', so that's great to finally understand what they're talking about!
  10. Ypsilophora

    Native Acacia of the Far South Coast

    Also, note that it is currently flowering... something that doesn't seem right if it is A. obtusifolia....