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  1. jaes

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Your not wrong about the rubbish at this patch, it's disgraceful... However, I reckon it would be even stevens on the perpetrators as there's always been a lot of younger "recreational' users from surrounding towns for as long as I can remember that have little regard for the area (admittedly I was probably one of them 30+ years ago). I think the best we can do is take as much out as we can when there.
  2. jaes

    templetonia retusa

    I had an interesting conversation with an Elder down here where she told me they would eat the cockies tongue seed pods and have visions that would start with lots of laughing for a couple of hours before falling asleep and seeing faces one after the other very close with the last one you see is your own face. I had never heard of templetonia being used like this before. She also said soaking the root black kangaroo paw in cold water until the water turned blue could be drunk as a cure for endometriosis pain and an anti-cancer treatment.