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  1. As far as I can see advertisements are removed from ebay, gumtree, facebook marketplace. There are also no current private facebook groups. Surely people want to sell on their old e-cig vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, bongs, etc.?
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    damiana seed

    Thanks for explaining that to me. I'd like to add that Niacin didn't help my dreams and cause really annoying flushing, however niacinamide caused about a 30/40% increase in REM. Its also being used by harvard geneticist david sinclair to slow down aging. It is a precursor for co-factors NAD(H)and NADP(H) that are important in a variety of cellular pathways that affect skin physiology. NADH and NADPH decrease with age giving rise to the notion that supplementing skin with niacinamide can provide anti-aging benefits. In their reduced forms, NADH and NADPH act as antioxidants that can mitigate oxidative stress associated with intrinsic aging and photoaging. Additionally, niacinamide stimulates keratinocyte differentiation, believed to be a result of increased intracellular NADPH. Niacinamide has broad anti-inflammatory activity. It inhibits nuclear factor kappa B (Nf-kB), reduces production of a variety of inflammatory cytokines, like IL-1 and IL-12, prevents degranulation of mast cells and inhibits leukocyte migration into the skin
  3. pm'd but no reply... edit: no, wait has replied now
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    I also recommend, friendly guy. I bought peres from him, pere isn't cheap but it grows fast!
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    Looking for Mongy ABC

    Has anyone seen her lately? I have seen her posting on FB relatively recently but has since imo gone awol.
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    The ACT has just legalized Cannabis!

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    The ACT has just legalized Cannabis!

    Well, from what I read ACT Policing has indicated it understands the position of the ACT Government, and intends to respect it as best as it can. The Chief Police Officer said they would continue to focus less on consumers of cannabis, and more on organised crime pushing large volumes of the drug. He said that the cops arent going to start a campaign of going out and charging everyone with Commonwealth offences... It was also advised that the ACT's laws would provide a defence to anyone charged under Commonwealth law (legal aid im assuming) supposing that even would happen which i bet wouldn't, so long as the officers are well informed.
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    Where do people sell second hand vape gear in Australia?

    Looks pretty slow tbh. It's a shame about those policies on ebay/gumtree, guess we all just have to buy new and be certain of what we are buying.
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    The ACT has just legalized Cannabis!

    The whole thing is rigged by aliens in human proxy suits dude, no point... seriously P.S. you're saying vote labour and greens btw
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    Looking for Mongy ABC

    Yeah, its even cool for even us non-smokers who just like nice looking ornamental plants.
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    Looking for Mongy ABC

    Correct me if I am wrong but the way i understand this is that ordering to Canberra would be an offense because the border patrol enforces federal laws and not state laws (even though it is legal to possess seeds as well as 50g within the ACT)
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    The ACT has just legalized Cannabis!

    Looks like it was all thanks to this man (28 year old labour politician Michael Petterson): His argument is that it will take the monopoly off big game crims like bikies etc because people can acquire it themselves. He is unofficially known on the streets as "the sickest white boi in the game":
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    CBD oil?

    Well with the Australian Capital Territory legalizing cannabis recently i don't think it would be an issue if you lived there. Aside from that, its funny how no one has even mentioned australian seed vendors who sell CBD strains of weed (ruderalis crosses that contain usually 15% cbd <1% thc), they are autoflower and finish in ten weeks and can be grown throughout summer (no lighting schedule necessary). A quick google search will reveal them, be aware of sites that claim they ship from australia and then take you to an international (non .com.au) website. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-25/act-first-jurisdiction-to-legalise-personal-cannabis-use/11530104
  14. Looking at posts on here as well as trichocereus auctions and SAB on facebook it seems like they are as rare as unicorns. I find short version TBM really ugly. I just want a nice, long, smooth one ;) Why is there none around? Look how beautiful they are: edit: nvm found my answer "Its a slow grower and they throw very few aeroles (for new pups)... Grafted they throw even less... I've had mine for a few years and i've only managed to propagate it couple of times... " http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46516-wtb-tbm-long-form/&tab=comments#comment-569897
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    wtb TBM long form

    Why is this so rare? Surely people prefer to propagate long variety?
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    Cacti in Western Australia.

    how big is ya penis? if its over 30cm then we'll talk :D
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    Cacti in Western Australia.

    how about TBM clone A (long' variety), they are about as abundant in Australia as a unicorn. or to a lesser extent a monstrose crest? or even a melted wax TBM?
  18. It is advisable to cure the ends by leaving your cutting lying on its side in a dry, shady (but well lit) place for 2-3 weeks at least. Planting of the cutting is best done when they are actively growing - ie. not in winter. The most professional method is too root your cutting in perlite. This has the added advantage, that the cutting can be placed onto the dry perlite bed as soon as it is cut and can undergo the drying process there. Once the ends are well cured, the cutting can be partly submerged into the perlite in the position desired. Whether you choose to place your cutting sideways or upright is a matter of choice, but I have found that placing it sideways will generally produce a greater number of new shoots. A tip cutting if placed sideways will bend upwards at the tip and may also produce side-shoots. The reason why side rooting is preferable is the fact that more root fibres develop and the plant receives more nutrients in a shorter period of development, which in turn increases the amount of new growth. The cutting and the surrounding perlite should then be watered. Once watering is started the tray or pot should be placed in a full sun position. My understanding is that in order to send forth roots the plant needs energy for apical cell multiplication. Their energy source is obviously photons, however I think they may be using stored energy for rooting? Someone please correct me on that. I also recently read on here that keeping harvested columns in darkness for a matter of months can increase alkaloid content within the cactus by nearly double.