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  1. Hi All, I've just returned home after 2 months away to find one of my Courtii looking a bit sick. It's ~1.5m tall, in the ground, in a temperate climate, south facing in nearly full sun. The phyllodes in the top 1/4 of the plant have died off. The bottom 3/4 look healthy (for now). A few meters away I have another Courtii same age & growing conditions that is looking very healthy. The soil is poor/clay, with a layer of garden mix then pine bark on top, and is moist from rain. It hasn't received any watering / nutrients in the last 2 months (I occasionally give it some Seasol). I've attached some pics of the sick plant, and pic of its healthy neighbour. Does anyone know what is going on here? Any solutions to try? How do Courtii's respond to topping? Many thanks!
  2. Ok I've taken the plant out of the ground and potted in 60/40 Native Potting Mix/River Sand, & given a treatment of rhizobium I+H. I've pruned the dead side shoots from the top 1/4 of the plant. I'm now trying to decided if I top the main (only) stem - but I'm hesitant to do it. Should I do it? If I do top it, should I just take the very tip off,? or the top 1/4? more? Anyone done this before?
  3. Thanks for your details answer Rhyzobium, I think you're probably right about it being waterlogged. I'm going to pull it out and bring it inside and see how I go. Also with your sandy loamy mounds.. you building them up then planting inside the mound? That video you made was great! Can you share some more details about how you do the inoculation? Cheers I'll let you know how it all goes!
  4. Hi All, I've discovered a few suspicious looking pods in these pics - can anyone confirm this is a male cannabis plant? (the first 2 pics are from 1 plant, the 3rd is from a different plant) Many thanks
  5. rupi

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    Thanks everyone (including all the gatekeepers) Please bin this post if you feel its questionable or doesn't follow site rules Cheers
  6. rupi

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    So this one would be a female? Because it has 2 transparent pistols coming out of the pod?
  7. rupi

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    Should I not have posted this? Its just academic - trying to figure out how to ID males vs females from photos
  8. Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice... Most of my Viridis and Caapi's are happy and healthy.. but the tips of the leaves of one of my newest PV - DX10 are browning off (see pic). I only potted him 2 weeks ago, and I did add a bit of seaweed/fert - have i burnt it? I used the same pH 6 soil mix for three others and they are doing ok. Maybe the soil is too soaked? Its quite wet when i put a finger in the the drainage holes. Should I repot? I don't think it looks like bact/fungal infection - no need to chop the brown bits off? Also one of my tucanaca Cappi went gangbusters and grew from 20 cm to 1m in a week or so - I'm wondering if she is 'stretching for light' - the distance between nodes is almost 30cm. I've removed some of the shade cloth from the greenhouse roof - but all of the other Caapi's (including another tucanaca) with identical light/heat/humidity/soil conditions are still about 20 - 30cm...why has this one decided to walk towards the light? Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the reply kk! mm sounds like I'm going to run out of vertical room in the greenhouse real fast. I've got some horizontal lattice work across the ceiling for it to climb along - I might have a go at training it back and forth along it, but I hear they don't train so well. Or I can punch a little hole in the greenhouse roof and lead the vine to the neighbouring tree... ..How would the exposed section fair through a melbourne winter? In your experience which would you recommend? Also If the main shoot runs into trouble, or gets damaged - where does the plant start a new main vine from - a node somewhere high on the exisiting main vine, or back down near the base?
  10. Hi All, I'm new to ethnobotany and to this community, and am trying my hand at growing some caapi and viridis, I've got a few varieties of each. I'm in Melbourne and have set up a greenhouse. My temps range from 14 - 36c and humidity from 60 - 80%, I've lined the inside with 70% UV block shade cloth, and some lattice for the vines to climb. All the plants are still in pots, when the weather warms up a bit I will transplant the caapi into the ground. I'm getting some good growth from my caapi's, but I've got a problem with ?aphids (see pic attached) I tried some appropriately diluted eco oil on one of the caapi plants, but it killed off all the new shoots and baby leaves. I've ordered some Green Lacewing bugs in the hope they will get the problem under control. In the meantime I'm just manually cleaning the leaves and squishing the bugs between my finger, but I can't get into all the little nooks and crannies. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get rid of these things? My Vidiris on the other hand are showing no signs of growth. I've got Chacruna and UDV. I know they are slow growers, and I didn't have my greenhouse setup when I got them, so they had to endure some very cold nights, I'm worried the cold stunted them. The leaves they have look healthy enough, but no new growth. I'm working on getting some Nexus and DW10 variants, in the hope they will be a bit faster growing, and more cold tolerant - and can go straight into a nice cushy greenhouse. Any suggestions of breathing some life into my Vidiris? This is what I've put together so far on each plant; Caapi; Sun: Part Shade Cold: Variant dependent - die at 4c, like min 15c night temps and day temps of 24c for growth Soil: Humus Rich, moist, well draining soil - needs root space (prefers ground not pot) Water: Thirsty plant - can be watered daily Fertilizer: Plant is a heavy nitrogen feeder - Fish Emulsifer pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes 90% Pruning Info: 50g / 1ft long 1" thick section. At end of growing season, not from the bottom 3ft of plant. Vidiris: Sun: 70% shade Cold: Doesn't tolerate well Soil: Loam Rich, moist, well draining soil Fertilizer: Seaweed - Maxicrop pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes Pruning Info: 50g fresh weight of mature leaves at sunset Does that seem about right? I really appreciate any feedback or tips to help me along the first few steps of this beautiful journey. Cheers!
  11. Hey all, Im looking to id this little guy who was apparently grown from seed. I think it's pc but I just wanted to confirm.. cacti are not my area of expertise. Many thanks.. Sorry for the noob question
  12. Brilliant! Thanks infinity, I'll move some Nasturtiums into the greenhouse, hopefully between them, the lacewings and some time... all will balance out. And xperiment u have given me some hope for my psychotrias, I'll try and exercise some patience and keep my busy little hands off them and see what happens. And you are right about greenhouses! On a 22c sunny day my temps nearly got to 40c, and that was with the little solar extraction fan on the roof doing it's best. I've got a misting system on a timer as well, but I imagine the whole system will need tweaking for summer. I might end up having the greenhouse door open, with the shade cloth hanging across it. I've setup the green house between 2 disiduous trees so it should get some shade in summer. It might be tough to balance light and heat throughout the year, but that's half the fun eh? Many thanks, love and light!
  13. Thanks for the tips and the welcome! Blasting the plants with the hose on fine mist mode worked a treat for getting the pests out of the nooks. That will at least keep them off the plants until I figure out how to get rid of them for good.