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  1. BaconBackn

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    Bridgesii 'funkoid" X red huasca Anyone know when these beauties are going to flower? I can't wait. (Think they're 2 years old) Another think I'm unsure about is the shamanic properties.
  2. BaconBackn

    Potting Mix

    Ingredients Just zeolite, naturally occurring volcanic clay. Proof: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/109101/homebrand-cat-litter-clay
  3. BaconBackn

    Potting Mix

    Zeolite for cheap
  4. BaconBackn

    Potting Mix

    Just wanted to start a thread on potting mix. Feel free to share what you use for your tricho's and discuss cost effectiveness, growth and performance, how it effects your cacti's appearence. My soil mix is constantly evolving, but is based around 4 things: 25% Drainage - I currently use course creek sand harvested sustainably and free 50% Organic soil - I use soil dug up from the in laws chicken pen. It is black, moist, smells like worms 24% Airation - Zeolite 1% Fertilizer - seaweed and fish guts I live in a hideaway in Queensland near Brisbane. It never really rains here. It rains in surrounding areas but misses my house. For this reason I am heavy on the organic matter, even though it holds water (soil composed of chicken poo tends to hold water).  Zeolite helps maintain moisture due to its porous composition. Oh, and, Seaweed and fish fertilizer because a cactus needs calcium!!!  Edit: I'm on a tight budget, have figured out a cacti hack Woolworths brand cat litter is composed of one ingredient: •Zeolite This is better then perlite, and it is volcanic rock just like pumice. 1. Very cheap 2. Helps airation 3. Prevent loss of fertilizer nutrients (Not effected by rain or high temperature) 4.. Reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released “on demand” with the plant itself does the regulating of the nutrients as it needs them 5.. Balances the pH level of soils (soil conditioner) 6. Holds onto water but never encourages rot 7. High cation exchange capacity (CEC) 8. Improves aeration and irrigation significantly 9. 100% natural and organic 10. Absorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances 
  5. BaconBackn

    Variegated Cacti Care

    Bit of a newbie, found a bargain on eBay (picture related) and had to buy. I need to ask you wise cacti caregivers a question: How do I care for a variegated plant, especially a 99% variegation like this one?
  6. BaconBackn

    Kratom seed store

    Hi, will the package say exactly what it is? This may have border trouble if so. Also this type of seed needs to be fresh or it will not germinate. How fresh are they now? Have you gotten new seeds since a month has passed?