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    Meet up: Perth

    see you there
  2. Would love some seeds thanks so much. I’m in perth
  3. Hey guys, Was just after some help identifying these two cacti. I believe them both to be pachanoi but am unsure whether they are the PC clone. Any general tips on identifying this clone would be much appreciated as I have a great deal of trouble discerning the difference.
  4. prandz

    Trichocereus identification

    Thanks mate much appreciated Are the characteristics of a PC only that they have upward facing areoles without the ‘V notches’ above each areole?
  5. Hey guys I was hoping for some help identifying these wattle species around where I live. I am north east of perth in the hills. The images show three different wattle plants, I believe two of them (long, narrow, elliptical leaves) may be the same species but am unsure due to colour differences in the branches. Sorry for the noobish question and any help is very much appreciated!!
  6. i think you may be right as i haven't seen any other acacias that look similar to this one online. Not sure where it could have come from but these two seem to be the two most common types in my area
  7. wow thanks so much, had no idea something like this existed and ive been searching for a while now.
  8. Hey guys was just hoping for some help identifying these trichocereus cacti. I believe they are all t.pachanoi but I was also hoping if someone can help me determine whether they are the PC (predominant cultivar) clone. I have heard that PC clones have upward facing areoles but it seems that many trichocereus share this characteristic. I have uploaded both side and top views of the cacti in question to help with identification. Sorry I am quite new to this but if anyone could share any tips on identifying PC clones it would be very much appreciated. Much love <3
  9. Thanks for the reply, ill continue to grow these out and hopefully ill be able to identify them myself later on. Big fan of dr octagon by the way