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  1. 5ht2a

    Meet up: Perth

    @Gimli dw I'll bring vegan options
  2. 5ht2a

    Topical tropanes and... sweating?

    Thank you for the warning (not sarcasm, it’s always appropriate for these plants) I definitely understand what Brugmansias and the like are capable of. I have experienced anticholinergic syndrome, though not with tropanes but with a lethal dose (intentional) of Promethazine - thankfully saved in time. Anyway, extremely *not* keen to endure anything even remotely close to that horror ever again. Rest assured, any potential experimentation will proceed methodically and with the utmost caution.
  3. 5ht2a

    Topping up pots

    Couple of random questions, but I’m struggling to find an answer elsewhere so thought I’d consult some experts ;) If one was to “top up” a pot with more soil, (thereby covering a portion of the plant’s stem that was previously above the surface) will the plant throw out new roots or even basal shoots/suckers, from the newly soil-covered section of stem? Or neither? And any possible situations in which this could be harmful for a plant?
  4. The use of anticholinergic (specifically, antimuscarinic) drugs is already well established in mainstream medicine for the symptomatic treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and it is indeed fairly effective. Unfortunately these types of drugs, especially those that readily cross the blood-brain barrier can produce a whole bunch of unpleasant side effects when administered orally. The medical community understands this and a topical product has been developed specifically for this ailment in the form of a glycopyrronium-bromide laced disposable wipe. While my plants may love summer, I and many others find it hard to embrace it when constantly drenched in sweat. Personally, the heat itself doesn’t actually bother me, it’s just the perpetual drowned-rat look and feel that I detest. While not officially suffering from hyperhidrosis, as it is not a year round thing personally, my medication does lower the temperature threshold for me so for 3-6 months a year, I may as well have it. Anyway, enough 1st world white boyin’ from me... Recently I bought a Brugmansia to add to my ethno garden once again and today was pondering the possibility of preparing and using it topically for sweating. Maybe I can love summer after all haha... anyway, seeing as the tropane alkaloids within are antimuscarinic anticholinergics too, they should indeed work just as effectively as the pharmaceuticals used. I even found an Ayurvedic website that lists it as a therapeutic use for Datura so this is far from an original thought of mine. Just thought I’d share the idea as an interesting topical use of tropane-bearing plants. Would also love to hear if anyone has tried using such plants for such purpose, how one may go about preparing them for topical use safely (and without ending up with a flying ointment instead ) or anything else anyone would like to add! Peace!
  5. 5ht2a

    Wanted: Salvia recognita

    Hey everyone, probably a long shot at this stage but would love to find some Salvia recognita seeds or (WA only) a plant. I acquired a very small quantity of seed a few months ago but they all failed to germinate due to dampening off fungus Confident I know where I went wrong though and that I will have better luck with a second attempt. Would be willing to make it worth your while if you can help me out and I fully intend to pay it forward and help spread this newly realised species of interest through the community.
  6. Oh God, I don’t know what I’d consider my weirdest experience but there’s certainly been plenty. I’ll share 2 that are standing out to me right now. This one is not related to any substance use and is still kinda ongoing with a close friend of mine. On a dozen or so occasions I have opened the stock iPhone SMS client (doesn’t show an offline/online status, just indicates if contact is typing) to message her and she just starts typing literally the second I open our conversation window, before I have a chance to type anything myself. Or the exact same set up and timing happens but before I have a chance to type anything she calls me. This has happened in reverse too, with me typing/texting/calling her just as she has opened her SMS client to hit me up. These have all occurred at times when we are not in the middle of an ongoing conversation or spoken at all that day, or even that week. The only common denominator each time is that either she or I are in some kind of emotional distress. These experiences never happen to me with anyone else, or vice versa for her. Another weird as fuck experience was with another good friend and my then boyfriend at the time. We were 17, all travelling without parents for first time and staying at a villa in Bali. We had taken what turned out to be a stupidly heavy dose of mushrooms considering the setting and that it was only my 2nd time taking mushrooms and the first psychedelic experience in general for the both of them. Apart from him having some brief potentially dangerous delusions of being able to fly off the balcony/breathe under the water in the pool - everything went pretty smoothly. No one freaked out and the closest thing to an injury was a sore stomach and cheeks from laughing and smiling so much. Anyway as things started winding down, she went to bed in the downstairs bedroom and the ex and I took the upstairs. During the trip the upstairs bed sheets and mosquito net got all fucked up and entangled from the 3 of us rolling around, and in my still somewhat altered/exhausted state I was having trouble figuring out how to fix it up. Friend downstairs then yells out for me to shut the fuck up about the sheets because she was trying to sleep in peace and quiet. I was certainly getting frustrated and cursing out the sheets in my head, but I hadn’t actually said a word and from downstairs she wouldn’t have been able to hear me anyway unless I too was yelling. The noise of me trying to sort the bed out would have been even more inaudible from where she was so it wasn’t like she could infer what I was doing either, much less that it was working me up. To this day she swears up and down she could hear every word I was thinking, in my voice, and as crystal clear as if I had been in the same room as her. The ex confirmed that I had indeed verbalised not a word. I was always sceptical of people’s telepathic experiences on psychedelics that I had read about but I really have no logical explanation for what we experienced that night. I’ve had some pretty bizarrely synchronised trips with people since but nothing quite like that.
  7. 5ht2a

    Meet up: Perth

    @Gimli The obtusifolia and acuminatas have grown a little more enthusiastically than expected since giving them a more permanent home to stretch their legs... er, roots. Thank you
  8. 5ht2a

    Meet up: Perth

    Woohoo! Finally validated! I am keen to come on down for the meet up. Have only recently (re)started gardening ethnobotanicals again from scratch so I don’t have a whole lot to trade just yet but all in good time. Will hopefully have some seedlings and/or cuttings going Been a long time lurker and despite having a garden previously had absolutely zero involvement or participation in the community - happy to be changing that this time around