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  1. I know a good deal about this plant and other Terminalias, you can find at my website https://northwestplants.net/2015/08/12/terminalia-canescens/ There has been little work done on the toxicology of most Terminalias until now. My group KEH is keen to keep the information for the traditional owners where this species grows. There are plans afoot for commercialization of several different Terminalias once the research has been finished, both in WA and Queensland.
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    Terminalia Tree species

    There are dozen very interesting trees from the Kimberley region with the potential of providing an income for remote indigenous communities. Research is being carried out on several different species that show promise from an initial analysis. Work is being carried out at the University of Queensland and Curtin University in WA. Terminalia ferdinandiana, called Gubinge in the West Kimberley and Kakadu Plum in the NT is one that has had substantial work done on it's properties, and is being used for different purposes commercially already. More information on this genus can be seen here:at northwestplants