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  1. Hi everyone, I recently found out that mum has some Mugwort growing in her garden. She apparently grows it to keep parasites away from the chickens, and I'm interested in its medicinal value. Looking at the leaf structure, there seems to be two varieties - so I have a few questions.. 1. Are all Mugwort/Wormwood varieties medicinally identical? I am interested in exploring this herb as a dream enhancer. I've also promised some to a friend who makes it into a tea.. but I'd hate to give him an ineffective variety (or worse, one that could make him sick). If there are big differences between varieties.. 2. Would anyone be able to ID these plants? My guesstimation from Google searching is that they both look like Artemisia Absinthium / common wormwood. PHOTOS: (click next to see close-ups) PLANT 1: PLANT 2: Thanks!