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  1. d Bought seeds from ebay labled as yellow/white frangipani.what is it? Is pretty.
  2. T.rich

    Seeds in ziplock bag

    Thanks for the advice.Once I open can I seal them back up or should I begin to remove from bags.
  3. T.rich

    Seeds in ziplock bag

    Hello all,sowing a heap of seeds .trich x and buttons..most are around 3 month,some bags have vacuum in,, touching seedlings or water drips on my little ones.new to growing from seed.what should I do.thanks .t.rich
  4. T.rich

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    17th December
  5. T.rich

    Pereskiopsis Wanted

    hello after Pereskiopsis cuttings can trade or cash. pm me ..thank you