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    somniferum plants and lot of other things
  1. VINS

    Afghani beauty

    a few pict more of the same strain from anorther country
  2. VINS

    Ebay somniferum- lol

    deleted (i can't see the pict on the ebay page and i don't want to answer a stupid thing )
  3. VINS

    cool job - tasmanian alkaloids

    if someone of the communauty works for tasalk then we will maybe have more infos than the abitual annual report. about this, does some of you guys have some interesting info about the evolution of their trial field of geneticaly modified poppies (not the breeded one)
  4. VINS


    about polycarbonate : remember that a few of or favorite plants need UV to produce the goodies if the space between each part of the frame is too long, then the polycarbonate will move each time you have wind, and ths will create a nasty noize if your house is close to the green house. about film : don't forget to create some sort of windows for ventilation i made a green house with PC a few years ago and my conclusion after using it, is : glass is cheaper and better in my opinion, it is easy to make windows and to replace the broken part you just need to paint it with a white paint, to build it without too much space between the part of the frame and to protect the upper part with a fit latticework on ps; since you seems to be a good "builder" and since you began with a big installation: it could be a usefull idea to put a source of power (to heat during the winter, to control the photo period with light, etc)and eventually a source of water. it is better to think about this at the begining of construction instead of later
  5. VINS

    Papaver bracteatum

    seriously, why are you interested in ? just want to remember that bracteatum is the frankenstein father, and just for this i don't want it in my garden
  6. VINS

    Papaver bracteatum

    just for curiosity : why do you want this strain ?
  7. VINS

    syd barrett dies aged 60

    hoppefully the spirit of his work has survive !!!! if you like the work he done alone , then you will surely enjoy the work of John Frusciante album title : "smile from the street you ...." or "to clara"
  8. VINS

    A different kind of drug dog

    Reville, i played the devil advocate game because i am absolutly not shocked by this pet story ! i am more concerned when human must eat drug packet. (now i have some work on the table to translate your answer )
  9. VINS

    A different kind of drug dog

    Rev what do think about the geneva convention ? so is there a limit to your concept ? ps: my foot size in dog baby is 43 but i prefer baby seal more confortable during the winter :D
  10. VINS

    drug is a sport

    i made a langage error when i wrote the text you must read "heart" instead of "earth" and if i enjoy the funny side of or olds stupid adventures, it was really a serious question. sorry Rev, i would be pleased to hear about your one minute bong :D but i also really wonder how drug can act on the body. as exemple i will talk about what i know : a daily bong addict who smoke an average of 25 bowl during ten years, is really giving a strong treatement to his heart. (i imagine that the other drugs can too). is there some serious report about junky health ? everybody is always thinking about the readymade image of the white skin etc... but when you talk to users, they often say, they are never sick or ligtly. (and it is impossible to talk seriously about that with the medicinal world... )
  11. VINS

    drug is a sport

    just wonder : if a bong or an intraveinous shoot give a strong earth rush, then can we considere that a daily addict is a sport-man ? is it an exercise for the body or just an injure ?
  12. VINS

    Chillies, how long do they live?

    One thing about chillies is that lots of fertilizer is not good for them, makes em big but with fewer, smaller fruit. that's interesting and i verified this last year. but it is not completly right in what i read, chilies love to be fertilized with potassium and magnesium but the dosage must be precise. when one of this 2 product is in excess, then the balance is wrong and the result is poor fruits. (also interesting to notice that it is the same thing for poppies. in what i experienced, it is better not fertilizing than fertilizing with the wrong balance . (regarding the final product, not the size of the plant))
  13. VINS

    unusual pods

    at the begining i was asking but now i don't know which plant we are talking about.
  14. VINS

    Hot Peppers may be good for your butt

    Just a (very uncomfortable) thought. why ? don't be so prud ! try. i tested accidentaly and there was a nice side...
  15. VINS

    incongruous anecdotes

    i am really not sure on how to translate (i also forget my english lesson ! ) but i am surprise by the low number of imput. (the compilation is not for tomorow) stupidly i was thinking that everybody love a story about a plant, it seems that it was not true. or maybe people don't know how to tell the story. (this is my problem for exemple) is there a writer out there ? for exemple to write about the ephedra legend (soldier must stay up during the night because if they sleep they will die, killed by their monarque. so they began drinking the tea) or about the kratom myth : father and wedding......