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  1. Ex-Cess'es

    My Stone Cacti Garden

    Fanfuckingtastic just read through the topic and looked at all the pics ,that is some amazing work wow great job
  2. Too easy thanks a bunch man
  3. I'm fairly keen on having a try at growing this , would love to grab some seed if there is any still available
  4. Ex-Cess'es

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Received them today , thanks a bunch
  5. Ex-Cess'es

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    I'm definitely keen on a pack if I can grab one
  6. awesome pictures , it's so dense all I can say is wow love seeing awesome pics like these
  7. Ex-Cess'es

    prints for microscopy

    Pm sent
  8. Ex-Cess'es

    Prints n swabs to giveaway

    in hopefully before this closes with something like #11 with an old pic although its not such a "good" picture ha , it was certainly a nice mushroom
  9. Ex-Cess'es

    Hopi Blue Corn Seed Giveaway 2016

    Received my corn yesterday unfortunately the postie was later than usual so they had to wait overnight in the mailbox but it was a fantastic surprise this morning , like zedo said heaps more than i expected to receive . Thank you very much they are beautiful , looking forward to having a go at growing my own Cheers
  10. Ex-Cess'es

    Hopi Blue Corn Seed Giveaway 2016

    After thinking about it i would definitely love a pack pm sent
  11. Ex-Cess'es

    Hopi Blue Corn Seed Giveaway 2016

    Amazing Colour , awesome looking corn .
  12. Ex-Cess'es

    Mushroom prints for microscopy

    im keen, if you have any left. pm sent