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  1. ^Heard a rumour those some dung lovers have been found at a certain cow-loving high school in Sydney's Hill's District. Only found in March-April, though. Not nearly so many in recent years.


    I went to a certain high school in the hills district where this rumour started..pretty sure it is what it is..

    mayb B)

  2. Naive much ? Everyone wouldn't have one in there home because that would take away the factor of control and perpetually working to pay for things you don't need to pay for.

    It's not ground breaking news because we have been inventing such devices for decades now, it's from the powers to be that it gets hushed hushed, and if they offer to buy the patent and do it doesn't get sold or used in society, and normally if refused and it is of massive scale, the inventor will be welcomed to a world of pain by powers to be. The physics they teach you in schools and within the average system is based on limitations and they will never teach you something that will help you not rely on there system, it's unlimited physics that you have to go and source for yourself.

    You can create electricity from earth, you can create electricity from water, you can create electricity from the air and space around you.

    However with limited thinking you wont be inventing anything any time soon.


    What ive always thought but could not word,amen..

  3. You should start looking when the day temperatures drop steady below 15C. The best hunting time is when its cold enough to want your gloves. A good sign of when the season is coming to it's end is when the ground freezes for serveral nights in a row or you get snow that stays on the ground for more than a day.

    And, I must add. It's not when Amanitas grow, the amanitas will be gone long before the liberty cap hunting season start

    So Would it be safe to say its liberty season now? I spent the weekend in Oberon & there was still

    plenty of snow from last weeks dump,in the valley's and corners where the sun can't reach &

    hardly any shroom activity,no flys at all.

    There is a fair bit of pasture up there...would they grow in NSW??

  4. I was out in the rain on my trail bike on saturday and Poo and Hunab your both right

    1st flush has all but gone and no pins that i saw although luck was with me and where we

    were unloading our bikes i found a new patch,all very small and pins were present too.

    This was in the mountains though not Syd,never had much luck.The funny thing about the new patch i found is

    we have been camping in the exact same spot for at least 10 years and there hasnt ever been

    a sub in sight.. we bought a chainsaw and began chopping wood for warmth in the winter 2 years ago and

    the new patch is on the saw dust :lol: gotta love em. It seems im finding more all the time!

  5. hey eexpee, i havent had alot of luck in the basin.If you make the trip up the mountains

    you will certainly see all shapes and sizes and if you know where to look the subs will be waiting.

    They dont call them the Blue Mountains for nothin' B)

    keep rainin baby!!