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  1. Pasito

    Does anyone need a new friend?

    Update: I lost my shoes, and my favorite turtle out ran me and escaped. So if anyone finds a pair of ugly Rocko's thongs, or a green eyed turtle who responds to Dr. Shell, pm me.
  2. Pasito

    Durian plant/seeds wanted

    Jackfruit right? There's a tree down the road from me. If the seeds are are in the fruit and there's fruit on the tree I might be able to get some.
  3. I think most cacti just look sick and unhealthy variegated. Other plants look beautiful, except when they're all blotchy, symmetry is beautiful.
  4. I don't think it would be a problem if you only sold them at markets or offered them to local/small grocers. You should be more worried about the regulations and licenses that some states/councils require for selling produce you've grown. Call your local council and ask about it.
  5. Pasito

    Transfering plants from soil to hydro/aquaponics

    From my experience, the plants that don't survive are the ones that aren't best suited to hydro/aquaponics. Watering schedules and the quantity of water is very important and varies between plants. I've heard people say anything can be grown hydro/aqua/areo, and I've seen cacti, carrots, pineapple and all sorts of crazy things successfully grown hydro. So I really think it just comes down to adjusting the nutrients, water, grow medium and lighting (you said outdoor, so don't worry about lighting) for the plant you want to grow. Water temperature can be hard to regulate if you're working outdoors, that can cause stress to the plants.
  6. Pasito

    ID please? Anyone?

    were the leaves curled like that before it was cut? ...Melianthus?..
  7. Pasito

    Does anyone need a new friend?

    Multiple positions available, random chat friend, profound conversation friend, help bury the body friend, etc.. i also like yoghurt. Precocious... 'aren't as dumb as expected'... much better fitting, thank you - about 4pm, a long time ago - at a friends house down the road and she lived on a hill - looking out at a reserve (mini forest thing?) that backed onto my parents property - very dark, large (6m) disk shaped object hovering, it looked like it was moving in circular patterns, but altitude never changed - this happened for about 10 minutes then BAM straight up into the sky, perfectly vertical, and kept going until out of sight 3 adults, 4 children and 2 dogs witnessed the event. Now... what is a samsaquanch?..
  8. Pasito

    Does anyone need a new friend?

    Eh, not sure. Politics, chaos and destruction haven't been shown to be the most effective path. In thinking about it, nah, I'll wait for another world to be discovered to takeover, this one's screwed already
  9. Pasito

    Does anyone need a new friend?

    Cool, where can I find info about that?
  10. To take over the world with... or just for coffee, whatever. Reasons to be my friend: I'm funny and smart, which means slightly above average jokes. I won't ditch you for my other friends, because I have none. I like all the things this forum is about, I assume we already have that in common. I've owned one pair of shoes for the last 4 years. There isn't any kind of food that I won't eat. I'm only considered insane by roughly 26% of people I encounter. I'm an entrepreneur, not a very good one, but still. I saw a UFO once. I like to think I'm reasonably cultured. I can fix your computer. My bills and rent are paid on time. I have two turtles. If you think any of that^ might interest you, send me a message. Not that it should matter but I'm 20/F/QLD. Cheers.