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    Perth Beekeepers

    Hey guys, Just seeing if there are any beeks in Perth within the ranks? Just getting into it and looking to make friends. A bee friend took me to do hive inspections recently and was instantly hooked! Picking up all the gear to put together a hive this weekend and then hopefully a mate can sort me out with a nuc hive to get it going. Getting a full depth 8 frame for brood and a 8 frame wsp as a super. So much to learn. Sitting here eating freshly harvested comb while watching videos and reading
  2. Gimli

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Defqon should move interstate. Assuming still at usual venue, would fly over a day earlier for a meet if someone puts one together
  3. Gimli

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Flying over for Defqon in Sept. Will there be a spring meet? Would love to put some names to faces
  4. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    Good little gathering today. Plants, seeds and other goodies shared around with love Until next time Cheers
  5. I posted this in the facebook group before but also here... My order from Chavin Herbalists finally arrived. What a saga that was: Original order was made/paid for on 6/4/18 and shipped around 23-24/4/18 via standard mail. After 4 months of waiting I requested the package be re-shipped express. Sent via EMS, it arrived in 18 days. The express package was missing 2 packets from the original order but I was only told that I would be 1 packet short. I received 3 packets that I didn't order as an olive branch. This is my experience with Huan Shuma and the South American mail system. My advice would be to get express shipping - it isn't cheap but at least you will get your seeds in a timely manner. The communication from Huan was pretty average. I've also had mail from EU and US in under 14 days via standard mail but something from South America (Peru) takes 4 months? On par with the Italian mail system, which is an absolute joke. I've also had no letter from customs saying a package has been intercepted for destruction, so? Anyway, if you are making an order from CH, beware things might not go smoothly
  6. Was asked to do a write-up on "Slab Grafting" cacti as there is not one here nor much info online (even though the name pretty much speaks for itself). This style of grafting is a good way of really bumping up your numbers of a particular scion with only a small amount of material and gives great results. This is the grafting stock I'll be using. I now prefer straight cuts but in the past I used to bevel the stock before placing the scion This is the scion I'll slab Cut the material into slices, as thick or as thin as you want Then cut the piece in half Line up the now vascular line with the ring of the stock and hold it down by whatever means of pressure you prefer This was actually done a few weeks ago, not the scion above but you get the idea. TPM x Scop starting to pup Play around with the method. You could cut the piece into quarters so it goes further
  7. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    Only a few weeks away! See post above for details Hope to see you all there ! @cheapfame @oneirophonics @oxydiser @prandz @Sol @shadowcreature @gnosticgnome @thegreenriviera @totemgoat @mr b.caapi @87_botanist @migraineur @Idon'tstudydinosaurs @Ambient @Bush Turkey @chilli @moon_unit @Uda @Martyh64 @LikeAshesWeFade @Realm @Pie'oh'Pah @Cockyboy @Mapacho @5ht2a @cbruce333
  8. Gimli

    zelly/nitrogen monstrose seed

    Looking for montrose seed made by legends zelly and nitrogen. Hit me with a PM Cheers
  9. Hi guys, The sandalwood trees are currently being shaded out by the acacias and that needs to be rectified soon enough. I am looking for a few people in Perth who can help me take the trimmings to the tip The only downside is that there will be minimal notice for when it will happen. Please PM for details
  10. Gimli


    If you're in Perth I have some pere tips you can have for free.
  11. Once sown, they go into the sun conditions I mentioned above. Acuminata (and many wattles) struggle to grow properly in pots unless the pot is in the hundreds of litres. You are best to grow them in the ground, if not at home then elsewhere otherwise not at all.
  12. Those seedlings are quite etiolated. You are best off killing them and starting over. I can't comment on Sydney climate but here goes.. I use a product called Baileys Premium Potting Mix. Unsure if it's available in eastern states stores but any pre-made potting mix that is well draining w/ slow release ferts should be fine. Better yet, sieve out the big bits of bark. I don't bother with this anymore but I do recommend it still. Give them HWT for 12-16 hours and then sow, keep moist and warm. I prefer to sow a seed into each individual pot instead of pricking out seedlings to move into individual pots. I place my acuminata tube trays in FULL morning (Perth) sun with dappled afternoon shade and they grow perfectly before planting out around March/April depending on size. I keep the soil moist but not drenched, even immediately after germination. Stick with a basic round plastic pot with drainage holes. I could recommend forestry tubes w/ root training ribs but probably no point until you can get the hang of growing them first. I've given this exact same advice to numerous people on facebook and they've all come back to say the quality of their jam seedlings is much better. Just 20 of the many thousands I've grown. Sown early Jan. Probably plant them on my median strip after my next work trip. Jan 2018 I germed some of my seed and planted one out the back in late March, it is now just over 2m. They are not slow by any means. If you have any friends in Perth who can pick up and post seedlings for you, you're welcome to a bunch of these for free. Probably the last season I'll grow them
  13. Gimli

    Marsdenia australis

    I'm quite surprised this plant hasn't been mentioned here before (according to the search function) On previous gold prospecting trips, we have found a couple of these vines although the fruit was unripe. Was told by elders we met that they can be eaten both raw or cooked.
  14. Gimli

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Oops, it's Peru.
  15. Gimli

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Fricii Coromandel Cacti x Scop from @Padonkluft across the pond
  16. Gimli

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    At that size it probably won't shoot from the nodes. Bigger specimens will - had a 7ft one which I cut back to about 2-3" and it's shooting. A bog standard potting mix or native mix will be fine and cut back on the ferts. Don't even bother giving them Seasol.
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    Datura metel var Fastuosa
  18. Gimli


    Datura metel var Fastuosa
  19. Gimli

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Some more acuminata seedlings from this years seed. Might guerilla garden them around my area Datura metel cv Fastuosa
  20. Jourdaniana with variegated offsets TPM x (Pach x SS02) Edit: same as pictured in the post above.
  21. Gimli

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Lophophora fricii done by @Inyan parafilm tent method
  22. Gimli

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    If you have to ask...
  23. Gimli

    San Pedro and Peruvian Torch for sale!

    Does look very bridgesii(oid) Said the same to @watertrade last night
  24. Gimli

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    Got my seeds last week, legend! How's it looking on all being delivered?